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nervous about giving birth....

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Ladylike1 Thu 18-Oct-12 12:16:16

im pregnant with 3rd baby, but have developed panic attacks since last baby, am scared of giving birth incase of having an attack, anyone else been through this?

ArtyJennie Thu 18-Oct-12 13:07:40

I sometimes get panic attacks and am quite an anxious person. I was worried about the same thing with my 2nd birth. When labour actually started I didn't even think about feeling panicky- a natural instinct kind of kicks in. Panic attacks don't really happen when you are focused on something else, and it's difficult to not be focused on the contractions/impending contractions. Gas and Air is also a great anxiety healer!

Elsqueak Thu 18-Oct-12 13:20:40

2nd Dc due. Not diagnosed with panic attacks as such but I do have moments of chilling panic about labour. I was induced last time and felt rather like I was on the birth conveyor belt at my hospital so didn't have time to think (and also as it was my first didn't have any idea what was in store).
This time I just can't get passed the idea of hours of pain and this is when it hits.
I know I can have pain relief. I know wonderful, supportive DH will be there to help me through. So why can I not visualise getting through it? Just can't see beyond and am worried something will go wrong because I can't think positively. I'm my own worse enemy.

Have you spoken to anyone about how you're feeling?
Is there time (til baby comes) to seek help via some sort of therapy? It seems to me there must be a subconscious reason this is occurring and a professional should be able to help you work it through.

I hope you can.

mom2rhysnruby Thu 18-Oct-12 14:04:35

Im the same sad
Due baby no2 in 8 days.
I found marie mongan hypnobirthing has really helped me though!
You can get a copy off ebay for approx £4 xx

Ladylike1 Thu 18-Oct-12 14:44:51

Have just ordered the book! Thank you!! I'm not due for another 10 weeks, but tend to find as soon as something is out of my control, I have an attack. I don't have a partner, so am on my own, which I think also adds to my anxiety, as I totally didn't expect to be in my situation.
I think one of my biggest fears is going into natural labour, in the night, while on my own, with two other children to look after and sort. I know I'll just have to go with the flow, but leaving things to "what will be, will be" again leaves me not in control.....

squiggleywiggler Thu 18-Oct-12 15:54:59

Hi Ladylike1

is a doula an option at all? There is an access fund if money is an issue... See for more details

She will help you develop some coping strategies in advance, talk through your anxieties and be there to support you when you give birth.

If you need any help finding someone DM me and I can help.

Ladylike1 Thu 18-Oct-12 19:47:44

Thank you all so much x

FloweryBoots Fri 19-Oct-12 16:50:42

Have you spoken to your midwife and asked if there is a support midwife in your area? I've been referred to support midwife because I said I was ancious after last birth. Admittedly not seen her yet (my choice) but letter I got from her after refereal giving instructions on making appointments said she there for any ancsieties whilst pregnant so it doesn't have to be realted to previous experience of birth or anything like that.

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