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Booking ELCS tomorrow, what questions should I ask?

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osterleymama Mon 15-Oct-12 22:00:19

Meeting consultant tomorrow to book my C-section having decided I don't want to attempt a VBAC. I had a rough time and an infection after my last section and it was all a bit of a shock.
I am really hoping this elective will be less traumatic as I now have a gorgeous 2 year old
who needs me as well and I think being better prepared will help. What can/should I ask the consultant tomorrow? He is the person under whose care I am officially but I didn't even meet him in my last pregnancy and will probably be seen by his team again when it comes to labour.

Can I ask who exactly will be operating on me? Can I request it's not someone junior?

QTPie Mon 15-Oct-12 23:10:42

Depending on the Consultant's other commitments, his holiday and his illness (everyone is unwell some time), you may end up with whomever is available. If you are paying for private care, you may hav greater choice.

osterleymama Mon 15-Oct-12 23:19:38

I'm under NHS care and private isn't an option. So scary not knowing who will be operating on me!

QTPie Mon 15-Oct-12 23:40:06

Ask your consultant, but - regardless - it will come on to "who is available on the day".

When I was pregnant with DS, I was looking at private obstetricians, there was ONE in my area. I was told that he would do all of my antenatal appointments, but that there was no guarantee that he would be there for delivery (and, for private care, he had no "back-up" cover). So - even if I had gone with this bloke privately (ie paid a substantial amount of money) - there would be no guarantee that he would be able to deliver.

Since you are going to have an ELCS scheduled, he should be able o tell you if he is available on your date OR hopefully be able to schedule you for a date tha he is available. That is assuming that he is not away on holiday or at a conference when you are due your ELCS (they normally try to do them just after 39w). Assuming he can schedule you into he schedule, you still run the risk of gong into labour before your date (he may still be able to do it when you go into labour or he may not) or him beng ill. Also bare in mind that ELCSs often get "bumped" - although only by a few hours - for EMCSs.

I would ask:
- can he schedule your ELCS so that he will do it?
- if he can, but is not available (or if he can't) then who is likely to do it?
- can you request "no more junior surgeons" (I think this is unlikely - I think that they will say "we cannot guarantee this, but any more junior staff will be thoroughly supervised")?
- what will happen (and what should you do) if you go into labour before your ELCS date? If you really want an ELCS, then you may need to be prepared to fight your corner - I know of people who have gone into labour before their ELCS date and been talked into a "trial labour"/VBAC...

I had an ELCS (breech) and had a great experience, but I was lucky and didnt have any infection etc... ELCS CAN be good, but you still need good fortune...


LivingThings Tue 16-Oct-12 21:10:19

Neither of my NHS ELCSs were done by 'my' consutant, in fact I had no idea who they were! My first however was done by a doctor under direction of another consultant and I only found out after that it was the first one they had ever done all by themselves! Was the best scar out of the two though as she took so much care over finishing up.

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