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Should I refuse this sweep?

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ThunderboltKid Sun 14-Oct-12 05:33:19

I had a sweep last Thursday when I was 40+1...I was a bit reluctant as baby is back to back and not engaged but as I want a homebirth MW suggested we try it and see if it would help move things on.

It was really painful and although she could reach the cervix she couldn't get a finger in to do the sweep and I had to ask her to stop.

She has suggested I have another sweep today when I'm 40+4. Despite hours of walking and bouncing on my ball etc baby is still not engaged and back to back. I'm just not sure I see the point in another failed sweep; I was really upset and disheartened after the last one.

I am really keen to avoid induction though (which I know I can refuse anyway), but can a sweep actually help even if baby is not ready or in a good position?

It's DC1 if that makes a difference.

Hattie11 Sun 14-Oct-12 06:50:37

Do what you feel comfortable with. My first baby was 14 days late, bit I did deliver within 12 hours after sweep. My following 3 have all been born within a day of a sweep. There is no way to know for sure, but I felt the sweeps must have helped.
Am I right in thinking first babies don't engage early normally?
Keep up the walking but equally get plenty of rest and enjoy the peace while u can Xxx

RockySpeed Sun 14-Oct-12 07:02:20

I will DEFFO be refusing any sweeps with my next pregnancy, I must of had 6 or more sweeps during hospital induction. None of them worked and they were total agony every time as DS just wasn't ready to be born yet! Stick to your guns I say and say NO THANK YOU!

AbbyRue Sun 14-Oct-12 07:24:41

Are you being forced or its been a gentle suggestion? Like what's normally said on here, baby will come whenever they are ready so if you're uncomfortable, don't do it and just wait. Best wishes smile

debbie1412 Sun 14-Oct-12 07:34:47

I would aswel, at 40+4 theirs still plenty of time, my friend walked the length of a local car boot when she was due the uneven ground really got things moving. :-)

naturalbaby Sun 14-Oct-12 07:38:45

I was very anti sweep and my MW agreed they didn't really help unless your body was ready and due to go into labour soon. I only had one because my waters had broken so the clock was ticking to deliver baby.

ThunderboltKid Sun 14-Oct-12 07:42:33

Definitely not being forced, they have just given it as an option. Think I will refuse; I think they are probably useful when your body is getting ready, but I don't think this baby is shifting anytime soon smile

Think ill leave it until Friday and then maybe have another one next Sunday before induction date of Monday.

I think they only work if your body and baby are ready - with DS I had one and like you it really hurt and scared me off labour. I have already told my midwife I don't want any this time round so she's not seeing me now until 41 weeks (currently 39+5) - its really taken the pressure off and I'm hoping baby will just know when it's time.

Had a sweep at 40+3 (ish) last time but I think it was sex that got things moving at 40+8 - DS was born 40+10. I still think all these things only work if baby is ready anyway.

This time I'm refusing sweeps, plan to refuse VE's and induction unless absolutely necessary - it takes a lot to have the confidence and back up to do this, I'd have been too scared first time and just did as I was 'told' - I too wanted a home birth and was keen to avoid induction (I feel one intervention often creates a domino effect of many) so accepted the sweep - it is your right to say no if you feel uncomfortable

I personally don't feel it's very natural to have anything put up my cervix - especially when I'm waiting for something to come out!

There's some really good stuff on the home birth website especially about whether you're really overdue. I also found some interesting facts (sorry can't remember where) that the risks of going overdue are equal to being early (41 weeks=same as 39, 42w=same as 38, and 43=same as 38) - these things may help put your mind at rest

very best of luck OP whatever you choose, remember to ask "what happens if we wait/don't do this" - hope you get a birth close to what you imagine and want smile

*43=same as 37

ThunderboltKid Sun 14-Oct-12 08:11:15

Thanks nicecupoftea...I definitely agree with not liking the idea of things going in rather than out of the cervix!

popsypie Sun 14-Oct-12 08:19:58

Had a sweep with dd1 at about 4pm when 41 plus 1 and was holding her in my arms just after midnight. V short labour - almost in hospital car park. But who is to say labour wouldn't have started anyway?

With dd2 I had sweep when I was 41 plus 2 and she was born quickly again (less than two hours) approx 48 hours later. Parents also made me eat a whole fresh pineapple and took me out for a ride over bumpy roads too then convinced themselves it was because of them I had given birth. Hmm maybe something to do with me being 41 plus four?

Sweeps do hurt - made me feel sick when mw said she had touched baby's head. Yuk! But tbh OP I would have done anything or endured anything just to GET IT OUT!!! grin

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