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Birth post lletz

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hiss Fri 12-Oct-12 14:00:08

To follow on from another thread I've started and too much googling I'm interested in hearing other peoples' experiences of birth post lletz procedure?

schroedingersdodo Fri 12-Oct-12 16:36:46

I don't think it made any difference in my case. I'm pregnant for the second time (36 weeks) had lletz before DS1. Had intravaginal scans in both pregnancies to check cervical length (ok both times). First birth went fine, hope second birth will too! smile

Pomander Fri 12-Oct-12 21:39:51

Marking place as I'm in a similar boat.

ZolaPowered Fri 12-Oct-12 21:55:56

I had lletz before DS1 and had a scan to measure cervical length but all was fine. I did the same as you as googled too much though and was a bit worried by what I read but I really think you cam only read about the worst situations and never hear about the majority that have no issues.

schroedingersdodo Fri 12-Oct-12 22:05:50

I'm curious now. What did you both find in your googling?

hiss Sat 13-Oct-12 02:29:45

Thank you for the replies. Well schroedingersdodo initial googling in the first and second tri had me petrified of incompetent cervix and now has me concerned my cervix wont dilate during labour. Im 34 weeks with dc2 and had lletz in November last year when dd1 was 8 months old. I narrowly escaped emcs first time for 'failure to progress' following induction at 40+10 and would like to avoid it this time if possible.

schroedingersdodo Sat 13-Oct-12 23:19:35

I've heard of cervical incompetence (hence my scans to measure cervical length) but never heard of lletz affecting dilation. (if you think about it, wouldn't it make sense to be the opposite?) If it helps, I didn't have any problem to dilate with DS1 smile

Maybe you could read about all the things you can do to relax during labour - it might help you dilate better this time. I think Ina May Gaskin's guide to childbirth has loads of useful information.

(PS: I know you didn't ask my opinion on that, and I don't know your specific circunstances, but if everything is ok with you and baby, you don't have to be induced at 40+10. You can wait until 42 weeks, or maybe even a bit longer)

hiss Sat 13-Oct-12 23:52:11

Thanks schroedingersdodo.

Yes I think anxiety has reared its ugly head and funny enough I think I was more relaxed the first time round...perhaps ignorance is bliss. Definitely something I need to work on.

I initially thought the same about lletz and dilation and assumed it would be quicker but have read midwives accounts of having to manually massage scar tissue off cervix to start dilation and some women's experiences post lletz of having long labours only to end in emcs. Delighted to hear that lletz had no impact on your labour.

And totally agree about holding off induction unless medically indicated...was v. naive first time round ;-). Thank you for taking the time to respond to me!

Mummiesarescary Sun 14-Oct-12 00:26:55

Hi hiss I don't have any experiance of lletz but I do have incompetant cervix so have done lots of googling.

Lots of the women who were worrying about dilation due to scar tissue new it could be a problem as on cervical exams before labour their mw/consultant had noticed the excess scarring, so maybe it's something your mw could check for you?

Also induction does tend to be slower, I was induced with ds1 and it took days, ds2 decided to come a few weeks early and was only a few hours! I didn't develope ic untill ds4.

Hope everything goes well for you

HastaLanugo Sun 14-Oct-12 07:20:07

Had lletz 2-3 years before DD's birth and it made no difference. smile

schroedingersdodo Sun 14-Oct-12 11:31:02

hiss, I know what you mean by ignorance being bliss. I was blissfully unaware of lots of things that could have gone wrong the first time, and I think it helped me dilate well. Then I went through a really paranoid and stressed period and since I got pregnant again I read a lot, hired a doula, and have been working on calming down again. Think I'm reasonably confident now.

Good luck with your birth, hopefully it will easier this time!

hiss Mon 15-Oct-12 11:58:11

Guess no way of knowing what condition cervix is in until babs decides to come...have been refused cervical length monitoring as told this is only indicated if I had suffered 2 second tri losses which may indicate I.C. and was refused internal/speculum exams when I had bleeds and even refused my 6mth follow up smear after lletz...due to lletz! The irony...

When I put it in perspective Im greatful cervix has held tight and one way or another babs should be here in next 5-7 weeks! Feeling calmer today....bloody hormones :-)

Anyways hope to update you with good news in 5 weeks or so!

Thanks again...

Mummiesarescary Mon 15-Oct-12 15:20:54

hiss that's awful, I've had 1 second trimester loss at 20 weeks which they put down as ic.

I'm now almost 23 weeks pg and had a stitch put in at 14 weeks, although I wouldn't have matched the criteria for the stitch if hadn't been for my consultant last time who placed an wmergancy stitch when I was around 5-6 cm dialated, although it failed.

Here its 2 2nd tri losses and they will place a stitch or 1 2nd tri loss if you've had a failed emergency stitch

They won't check my cervical length though so I have no idea how it's doing

Hope everything goes well with the birth.

hiss Thu 18-Oct-12 11:34:15

Mummiesarescary I'm so sorry to hear of your loss and delighted to hear you are pregnant again and progressing well. I'm very greatful that my cervix has held tight and Im 35weeks but can't shift the feeling that alot of anxiety in this pregnancy could have been rectified with a simple internal scan earlier and when I bled.

The criteria also woman should have to go through a loss TWICE to be taken seriously. I also can't believe they wont check your cervical length particularly as you have a cerclage in place...what a disgrace. Heres hoping for healthy full term babies for us shortly...

Moominsarescary Thu 18-Oct-12 11:54:57

hiss I agree, I had an awfully anxious time between 17-20 weeks as the cervix failed last time at 18+4.I can't even find anywhere private in this area who offer cervical checks. It would have made me feel so much better if they had just checked it.

hiss Mon 05-Nov-12 19:59:02

Happy to update that my baby girl arrived safely at apparent scarring of my cervix...wonderful experience and feel so blessed with our beautiful baby.

schroedingersdodo Mon 05-Nov-12 23:27:18

that's great news, congratulations!

hiss Thu 08-Nov-12 02:57:15

Thank you schroedingersdodo. Absolutely thrilled with our beautiful dd. Was a quick and wonderful birth experience. Still on cloud 9.

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