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If your 1st labour was induced...what happened 2nd time around?

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hiss Thu 11-Oct-12 23:59:57

Hi all,

First post currently 34+3 on second baby and am getting nervous about impending labour I have been reading the thread about second labours being half the length of first but am curious (and anxious) about how your second labours went if your first was induced.

With dd, now 19 months, I was induced, at 41 weeks my dates or 41 +3 their dates, with pessary twice and gel once...1st pessary given at 6am on a Friday morning, second was gel at 3pm on Friday and third was pessary at 9am on Saturday. Hospital policy to induce at 40+10.

Cervix was posterior throughout. Fairly intense contractions lasting 60-90 secs every 5mins started at 2pm on Saturday getting to every 3 mins apart at 10pm. Didnt move cervix until midnight when I was 2cm dilated & had ARM and pethidine and then contractions slowed down and midwife predicted emcs or instrumental delivery. Had epidural and started pitocin at 2am. Slept until 5.30am on sunday morn. Examined and was still 2cm. At 6.30 felt rectal pressure and begged to be examined and midwife refused until 7.30am where I had just a tiny lip on cervix and midwife insisted on epidural top-up. Cynic in me believes she did this in order to delay delivery until after shift change over. Pushed from 9am and baby born at 9.31am (thank you rlt) as dd was back to back. Suffered a third degree tear and am anxious as to how it will hold up this time. It was sutured poorly.

Have also had to have lletz procedure to cervix in November last year and am anxious my cervix wont dilate after reading stories of scar tissue online.

Would love not to be induced or to avoid epidural this time as although pain was intense I feel tiredness and fear of emcs forced me to have epidural more than pain did.

Any reassurance or realistic experiences to share with me?

Ps thanks for reading what turned into epic post!

Ummofumbridge Fri 12-Oct-12 00:07:09

I was induced with ds at 39 weeks and had a loong drawn out delivery with epidurals that didnt work very well and lots of pain.

My second delivery was perfect. 40+6, natural delivery. Labour of around 12 hours but manageable for most of it. I did have an epidural for the last few hours but it was great and I pushed dd1 out in minutes.
Ive had 5 natural deliveries, 3 with epidurals, 2 with just gas and air. I have much more pleasant memories of the epidural births!!

Good luck

hiss Fri 12-Oct-12 00:23:27

Oh thank you Ummofumbridge...thats reassuring. 12 hours would definitely be an improvement and I won't rule out epidural. Can I ask did you find intensity of pain or space between contractions any different from induction?

steppemum Fri 12-Oct-12 00:35:40

1st: induced at 40+14 long, long, hard labour, ds was back to back and so paiful eventually epidural and drip to promote labour. Pushed for over an hour, massive episiotopmy, dr all set to do ventouse, ds popped out. 10lbs 1oz with the biggest head you have ever seen. Took several weeks before I could sit or walk comfortably, felt like i had been hit by a truck.

2nd: induced at 38 because of problems, natural labour, didn't realise I was so far along as not back to back. Sent up to delivery suite. dd1 born 1.5 hours later, no problem, no pain relief, very straight forward, very positive experience.
dd1 8lbs Very quick recovery

3rd: induced at 40+7. no labour. midwife suggested breaking waters. went up to dleivery suite and she broke waters, gave birth 1 hour later. very straightforward, no pain relief. Not as easy as dd1 as dd2 was 10lbs 7oz (small head though) agai very positive experience and quick recovery (at 3 weeks took whole family up to London to see Christmas lights and dinosaurs at museum)

all inductions with pessaries, once labour starts with pessaries it proceeds as natural labour. It is inyense if they use the drip and other drugs


hiss Fri 12-Oct-12 06:32:30

Thank you steppemum.

HeffalumpsAndGoldenWoozles Fri 12-Oct-12 06:48:21

My first was induced with pessary at 40+13, syntocin drip & waters broken the following evening and DD1 born at 40+15 after 3.5 hours 'established' labour. As inductions go it was fine, quick, no tearing or intervention, gas & air, however not something I wanted to repeat so v nervous when DC2 became overdue.

In the end I went in for induction with DC2 at 40+13, on examination was 3cms so up to birth centre to have waters broken and DD2 born in the pool 2 hours later. It was lovely (insofar as labour can be lovely anyway!) and so much more a positive experience.

Your body has done it all before so the chances are you'll have a better experience, hope that is the case for you, good luck smile

DinosaurSchool Fri 12-Oct-12 06:55:49

Dc1 induced with drip, arm, epidural, episiotomy, forceps and a tear. Nice.

Dc2 contractions started on their own at 9am, had a show, baby born with gas and air only at 1pm. Amazing.

The contractions were much more manageable, I felt in control right up to the very end where I went a bit mad with pain but three pushes and he was out.

With dc3 I went in for induction but asked for minimal intervention to start with. All I needed was arm. Had that at 3pm, baby born 9pm. After dc2's birth I said I really didn't want an epidural and again managed with G&A. I was up and about within 20 mins, had a shower then tea and toast. Bliss.

LisaMWill Fri 12-Oct-12 07:10:22

Dd1 induced with 2 pessaries had synto and epidural. Born at 6lb15 with no stitches, took 3 days all in all. 19 months later Dd2 induced , again 2 pessaries synto and epidural. Had emcs at pushing stage, turns out she was in wrong position, born at 7lb6 took 4 days all in all. Was terrified of having c section but it really wasn't that bad at all.

elliepac Fri 12-Oct-12 07:11:17


1st labour - induced at 40 + 10, waters had to be broken, syntocin drip, diamorphine, episiotomy and ventouse. Took 36 hours in total.

Like you, I was dreading the second time around, especially when it became clear that DD was going nowhere and another induction was on the cards. Went to 40+10 again but.....pessary worked this time. Started having mild pains around 9pm, full on contractions by 10.30. 20 minutes of the pushing and DD was born at 11.50 so not even 3 hours in total and all done with just Gas and air. A much more pleasant experience!

Good Luck!

twooter Fri 12-Oct-12 07:19:30

1stt induced at 40+11, had epidural, episiotomy, forceps.

2 nd went in to be induced at 40+ 12, ,but went into labour whilst waiting to be seen. G&a, too quick for epidural.

3rd induced at 40 + 12, g&a, ok delivery.

Squigglywiggly Fri 12-Oct-12 07:21:40

I was induced with dc1 after waters broke and I didn't go into labour at 38+3.

Second time around my home birth plans have been changed to c section on Monday as the baby is breech and won't turn sad

COCKadoodledooo Fri 12-Oct-12 07:56:32

Ds1 was an induction, and ended in an emergency section after 30+ hours.
I prayed all the way through my pregnancy with ds2 that I wouldn't end up in the same situation, I was desperate to give birth 'properly'. In the end he was breech and I had a planned section. It was a magical experience and oh so very different to ds1's shambolic arrival into the world.

Good luck whatever happens x

SaraBellumHertz Fri 12-Oct-12 08:05:55

Early induction with DC1 - horrific. Failed epidural, 3.5 hrs second stage, delivered on way for section, severe PPH.

DC2 was perfect. Longer at 17 hours but gradual build up, relaxed in bath, went to hospital when it felt "too much" and I was 10cm, DS arrived an hour later. Brilliant.

hiss Fri 12-Oct-12 10:52:43

Thank you all for replying. Definitely getting addicted to this site :-)

I'm gathering that no 2 labours will ever be the same so hoping that things will go a bit smoother this time. Me and beautiful dd are ok and here to tell the tale and thats the main thing just can't seem to shift some of the anxiety...hoping this is normal and just hormones....

Has anyone experience of birth post lletz?

MrsJohnDeere Fri 12-Oct-12 11:02:53

I was induced with ds1 at 38 weeks - Pre-eclampsia that escalated out of hand all of a sudden . They wanted to induce at 37 weeks but dh was the other side of the world so I pushed for a few days grace.

With ds2 I also had Pre-eclampsia but they let me go to 40+4 because I never had all the symptoms severely at the same time. I wasn't induced as such with him, but they gave me a couple of sweeps and broke my waters to bring on labour (worked within the hour).

OneOfMyTurnsComingOn Fri 12-Oct-12 11:06:31

Thanks for starting this thread, Hiss. Been wondering the same myself.

MummyElk Fri 12-Oct-12 21:45:29

1st time: Was induced at 39+6 because of "large" baby. Prostin tablets, prostin pains, synto drip, epidural, ventouse and my lovely 8lb 9 baby eventually came out.

2nd baby: hadn't a clue what would happen or if i'd know what to do. first cx 40+1 - had a long latent phase (prob about a day of cx coming and going, and me veering between bouncing like a loon on the ball/long walks/being v calm). Got sent home from hospital early evening on the Friday. Cx really ramped up at that point. DH ran me a bath, calmed me down etc etc. Talked MW into letting me back into hospital at 11.
Was internally checked at 12 and was 4.5 cm but told I could stay, since it was quiet.
Was checked again at 1am - was 5cm.
Cx then really cracked on - and DD2 born at 0140am in her membranes.. Lost quite a lot of blood initially which the MW then told me was my cervix suddenly dilating right back (it must have moved fast if I went from 5cm to birth in 40minutes).
I think some of my latent on/off contractions were about my worrying about whether or not i was in labour or not. Once i was "told" I was in labour, i think my body just got on with it and let it do its thing.

Fyi: am now 31+6 with no3 and seriously considering a home birth - I wonder if i'll be more in my comfort zone at home and able to just get on with it. Even if I do go to hospital I know I can do this (wasn't sure before with such a medicalised 1st birth)
2ndly i've learnt to trust my body - it utterly DOES know what it's doing and it Can Do It smile
3rd: There is NOTHING in the world that will stop you pushing once you get the urge to push. I had 2 mw telling me it wasn't time and there was NO WAY i was going to listen to them smile.

Best of luck

hiss Sat 13-Oct-12 22:24:01

Thank you all. I hope to update with a positive outcome in about 5 weeks.

steppemum Sat 13-Oct-12 22:33:07

hiss, I thought I was all ok with the long, hard, not to plan 1st labour. After all me and ds were fine, we bonded and settled well and bf etc etc.

When I was pregnant with dd1, I realised I was really not ok with how the first labour had gone. I had along chat with a friend who was a midwife, and a bit of a cry. I really just needed someone who had the medical expertise to talk me through it, help me understand what had happened and help me look forward to the next labour understanding that it will be different.

Once I had done that I felt much better an calmer and ready to do it again.

Ohsiena Sat 13-Oct-12 22:40:34

1st birth induced with drip, epidural episiotemy and forceps delivery. I Had no control things just happened to me. i Was very frightened. Pretty traumatic.

2nd birth labour started naturally, did hypo birthing, breathing, 6 hours, no drugs or intervention. Was fantastic!! Best time of my life. Hurt like hell , but I was calm and in control. Afterwards I felt like a champion. In fact I still do - 9 years later! Wish I could do it again.

Good luck hope it goes well for you, no reason it shouldn't.

hiss Thu 08-Nov-12 05:15:30

Well to update :-) Be warned its a long post!

Saturday 3rd November...37+3 (due to leap year but really 37+4) woke at 6.30a.m. and as was checking the time heard a tiny 'poof' and suddenly water is going everywhere. First thought was I'm peeing myself and then just as quickly realised I wasn't. Had to shout at dh 3 times to awaken him as couldnt move as water still flooding out. Asked him to get towels to which he duly brought me a hand towel !!! Eventually he brought 2 towels and we both waddled to hysterically giggling and panicking a bit. Sat on loo for an hour with cramps but was convinced these were down to laxatives Dr. had prescribed and I unfortunately took and so ignored them. Eventually rang my mum at 8am to say dh would bring dd down after her breakfast. She was begging me to go straight to hospital as she had a quick labour with me when her waters broke.

My dd woke at 8.30 and I gave her breakfast and went about usual housework still ignoring mild cramps every ten mins or so (wouldnt let dh time them). In total denial as hospital bag only half packed. I tearfully said goodbye to dd at 9.30 and dh dropped her to my mums after he had showered. I sat around after grabbing few bits for my bag. Realised cramps were worse if I walked and didnt want to exhaust myself early. Cramps were low down in tummy and I assumed they werent doing anything as I couldnt feel bump tighten like with Braxton hicks.

I showered and sat some more. DH came back at 11 after having full breakfast with my dad, who had sent me a bacon sandwich which instantly made me gag on did dhs aftershave. I tidied up the house, put in laundry and phoned the hospital who told me to come in immediately to be assessed. I stopped and had coffee. We arrived to be assessed at 13.30. Had half hr on ctg monitor and was examined and 3cm...couldnt believe it. MW offered me epidural as said monitor picking up strong regular contractions. I declined and was admitted and sent off for lunch and told to keep upright as baby back to back again!

Went to carpark and had sandwiches. Sat until 14.30 laughing through contractions. At 15.00 dh was getting anxious and told me contractions were every 2 minutes and lasting 1 minute and I suddenly stopped laughing with pressure I felt. Got anxious as to how I was going to get back to ward and really struggled...was beginning to hum loudly and drag out of dh with each pain and had numerous offers of wheelchairs but I couldnt answer. On reaching the ward was met by my mw and asked if I could have epidural now please. She phoned anaesthetist immediately and a mad panic ensued to clear a labour ward for me as I wasn't able to talk/answer and by now was really struggling to stand. As soon as I got in labour ward anaesthetist arrived and commented I was in alot of pain for 5cm! MW had lied to him as she had yet to examine me. She examined me as Anaesthetist got ready outside and told me I was 8cm...I begged for epidural and she said no problem but that I would have a tough time staying still. She was right as I was uncontrollaby pushing, mooing and getting v anxious. Epidural starting to be put in at 16.00, anaesthetist not impressed with me pushing and then a problem with the pump but mw sorted and started pushing and my beautiful dd was born at 16.24. 6lb 5 oz of gorgeousness covered in vernix. MW allowed cord to pulsate without me asking and I got instant skin to skin. Felt every bit of pushing and crowning and tearing but couldnt feel my left thigh after despite being able to move it freely! Disappointed I tore again but mw was excellent about coaching me through blowing/stop which I think the epidural had allowed me to do. MW left tear for half hour for epidural to kick in..then as it didnt fully gave me local also. She stitched me quickly without stirrups and she was amazing.

As I'm sure you can tell Im delighted with my experience of birth second time round, am smitten with our 2 gorgeous dd's and delighted with how quickly I'm recovering.

Thank you all for sharing your experiences with me and reassuring me a few weeks ago xx

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