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Please help!

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lovebug24 Thu 11-Oct-12 16:09:45

Who on here has given birth at Bath RUH and who has given birth at Trowbridge birthing center??
I'm 37weeks with my first midwife still hasn't gone through my birthplan with me, or said what the hospitals/birth centers are like! I've asked her tons of times, but she just rushes me through the appts and ignores my questions! sad
Can anyone help me decide where to go to deliver? - What are your experiences/opinions?

What do I do?! Help!!

x Charley x

QTPie Thu 11-Oct-12 17:05:15


Phone them up and ask for a tour of each? Decide for yourself.

What sort of birth would you like? The birth centre is likely to have more restrictions on painkillers (no epidural and obviously you would need a transfer if you required a C Section). However, Trowbridge is probably more civilised than the RUH and the postnatal care is likely to be a lot better.

I have had a tour of the RUH (through the NCT), but didn't give birth there. I know what you mean about the local midwives being VERY rushed...


pommesdeterreetfromageblanc Fri 12-Oct-12 19:01:46

why don't you post on your local page, you may find people on there who have given birth there.

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