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4 Quick CS questions

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Wiggy29 Wed 10-Oct-12 08:03:04

1. Do you need pads after for 'downstairs' or just to 'hold' your scar in place when going to the loo etc?

2. How soon after could you comfortably drive for say ten mins? (I know I would also have to check with insurer.)

3. How soon after could you comfortably push baby to (for example) local shops/ park etc?

4. Was a sling easy to use? If so, which one worked well for you?

LeMousquetaireAnonyme Wed 10-Oct-12 08:14:43

1. you will need maternity pads you will still have lochia after the birth no matter which way the baby is born.
2. it depends on how you will heal, you will see by yourself.
3. same it will depends, slowly may be 2 weeks if everything is flat
4. No, it was horrible before 3 to 4 months but I had big babies, if you are very tall with a tiny baby it might be possible to have a sling without anything touching the scar (feet or fabric). The ergo was good after as the padding protected and held the scar.

zgaze Wed 10-Oct-12 08:22:51

1. Yes you'll still bleed for a few weeks. I was surprised the lochia wasn't less because it was a CS, I naively thought they'd vacuum it all out blush
2. I felt able at about 4 weeks. But insurance said I had to get the ok from the GP which didn't happen until 6 week check.
3. 3 weeks for short distances.
4. Yes, used one as soon as I was hobbling around at about 4 days post op. I used a Kari Me stretchy wrap and tied it quite high so baby was on my chest (I am not tall but it's easy to do). I found this far more comfortable than carrying the baby when I needed to move around so I basically kept the sling on all day and popped the baby in and out as I needed to.

Dontbugmemalone Wed 10-Oct-12 08:23:13

1. Yes you will need maternity pads, buy more than you think you'll need. You will have lochia for about 6 weeks but it's heaviest after the first few days.

2. It really depends on how you feel, if you're able to do an emergency stop without it hurting. I practiced pressing on the brake pedal wthout the engine on and this helped to see if I was ready.

3. I would say after 2 weeks (it varies) but I was only able to walk slowly.

4. I used a baby carrier from 2 months which I also used with DS1. I have a connecta carrier and it doesn't touch the scar at all, I'm 5ft if that helps at all.

Good luck!

QTPie Wed 10-Oct-12 08:23:47


No, the stitches hold your wound in place. No problems going to the loo whatsoever. If you have to take iron tablets (for blood loss), then also take Lactulose: nothing to do with the wound, but iron gives you horrific constipation...

Do use a pillow pressed over your tummy for getting in and out of bed. Always get in and out of bed in your side - so you are not using your abs. So sit in the bed, lower yourself down on your side and then roll into your back. Getting up, roll onto your side first before pushing yourself up. Avoid any strain your abs.

Both the next questions depend on your personal recovery: I could have done both by about 3 weeks (at 3 weeks I got a GP appointment for 4 weeks, he cleared me to drive and I drove straight away). The main issues with driving were not driving with the wound at all, but the firstly the tiredness from disrupted sleep (so take care) and secondly getting the infant carseat in and out of the car (that was the worst thing I did, at all, for strain in the wound).

Build up any walking slowly - don't over do it. If you over do it, you will really feel it and swell the next day. The issue with pushing the pram was not really pushing it, but going up and down curbs etc. Suddenly you realise the states if your local pavements! So depends in your recovery and your route and the state of your pavements.

Didn't use a swing, but would be interested in the replies you get.

Oh, make sure you have a changing table at a good height: bending over doesn't hurt your wound, but us MURDER on your back!

Wiggy29 Wed 10-Oct-12 08:26:46

Thank you for all the advice, I'll get some pads as will need them whether cs/ vb. Is Tenna better than the sanitary types?

LeMousquetaireAnonyme Wed 10-Oct-12 08:30:18

Neither, "Maternity pads" from boots or mothercare for the beginning. You need them to be able to detect a possible infection and the bleeding is really heavy.

QTPie Wed 10-Oct-12 08:38:27

If you need a doctor's permission to drive (same with my insurer) and want to before your 6 week check, then just get an extra appointment and ask him just to check that you are ok to drive and record it in your notes.

Sorry, yes, you do need maternity pads, but they are for the lochia and not "for holding your scar together whilst you go to the toilet".

Wiggy29 Wed 10-Oct-12 08:53:04

QTPIe- I'd heard a few people on threads here mention they used them to press against the scar for support- is that not right? Obviously I'll get some for lochia too now blush

WhatSheSaid Wed 10-Oct-12 08:58:05

1. As everyone has said, yes, you need pads for lochia. I never used them for the scar.

2. First c/s I drove after 4 weeks, second c/s just under 2 weeks. No problems with driving, lifting the pram out of the car was harder.

3. Um, about 3 weeks I think.

4. No, I didn't like slings at all, don't think it was to do with the c/s, just didnt find them any use.

QTPie Wed 10-Oct-12 08:58:29

You shouldn't need to for a CS scar - lots of people do for episiotomy scars because that area is directly effected when you go to the loo. Your CS scar should not be effected when you do to the loo.

If you are straining to go to the loo after a Section, then Lactulose.

Signet2012 Wed 10-Oct-12 09:06:52

I didn't need to press anything against my scar. I used mat pads for a week then panty loners. Mine wasn't that heavy.

Could of drove after first week but car seat is a no no.

Went for a walk along the promenade for half hour pushing pram after first week. Felt I could of done more.

My main problem was getting up from our low couch. I bent over so my chest was on my knees then stood up using thigh muscles and then straightened up. I made a point of making sure I was stood very straight at all times and not hunching

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