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Early urge to push?

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crosstraineraddict Tue 09-Oct-12 13:38:39

I have 3 DCs and am thinking of having a 4th.

I was just wondering if anyone else has had a really early urge to push during labour. With my first DC I had an epidural so didn't feel any urge but with the other two I had an early urge to push; around 7cm with DC2 and then with DC3 around 5 or 6 cm and it was literally where I couldn't stop pushing hard, and I dilated fully within about 20 minutes of being told not to push but pushing anyway.

Has anyone else had this?

sparklekitty Tue 09-Oct-12 15:49:56

Yep, I've only had one but had urges to push at about 7cm. It was the only thing that helped the pain. I had dilated quickly though and went quickly on from there. Tried hard not to but MW gave up telling me to stop as it was the only thing that helped.

newyearsday Fri 26-Oct-12 21:59:58

Someone else shared this blog and it mentions early urge to push, and there's a link to more info, I found it interesting....

nscrivener Sat 27-Oct-12 22:23:31

I had this with my second, and at 7cms too!

Flisspaps Sat 27-Oct-12 22:28:18

I was pushing at 7cm with DS. He was fucking massive though, I think my body was making the most of the opportunity to get him out! Ended up being born with forceps about 7 hours after I started pushing!

nenehooo Sat 27-Oct-12 23:06:32

YES! I did!!! I was induced due to meconium in waters and after 4 hours on the drip I was only 2cm. Contractions were really intense though and TENS plus g&a were barely working so I asked for an epidural. However whilst I was waiting I went to the loo and had the overwhelming urge to push. I literally couldn't stop it it was like my whole stomach convulsed. I told the midwife when I got back to the room and she told me I absolutely couldn't. I got a few more urges in the hour or so I waited for the epidural, and she got quite firm with me about blowing them away, which I tried to do but a couple just literally took over my whole body. Finally got my epidural and around 2 hours after I was examined and told I was 2cm, a registrar examined me and I was fully dilated and ready to push... He didn't believe the midwife when she told him I was 2cm on my previous exam. Awkward!
Afterwards I thought I must've been fully dilated when I got the first urge in the toilet but from what you guys have said I was maybe somewhere in between? Either way baby came out quick so I'm not complaining smile

blossombath Sat 27-Oct-12 23:15:19

Me too, I think...had home birth and when midwife first visited she thought I wasn't dilated at all but I already had mild urge to push. She left. Got in bath to relax, next contraction unstoppable urge to push. Midwives came back about 1.5 hours later (me pushing in bath all the while, worried I would burst my cervix or something) and head was showing. So not sure how early etc but pretty sure I was pushing well before 10cm.

Bumpstart Sun 28-Oct-12 00:17:57

New years day. . . That is a very interesting blog! Thanks for sharing.

louisianablue2000 Sun 28-Oct-12 00:35:58

nenehoo, I was induced with DS (DC3) for same reason and had a very fast progression of labour. DS's heartbeat was dropping and they said 'we'll need to have a CS', I told them I think I'm getting close to pushing and the doc said no, you're only 5cm, they pushed me through to threatre for EMCS, doc realised I was having involuntary pushing, checked and I was 10cm then DS was born before they could prep me for a forceps delivery. I went from 5cm to birth in 15 minutes.

nenehooo Sun 28-Oct-12 03:27:31

Wow - I didn't realise this was so common - or that labour could progress SO quickly?! Amazing what our bodies can do huh? And more importantly it shows me I should def have trusted my body more... DH and I both said afterwards that we should have asked the midwife to examine me again. If there is a next time I'll def know what my body is doing - and prob feel a bit more in control. Hopefully anyway!

NAR4 Sun 28-Oct-12 16:22:43

Very interesting thread,

I wasn't examined at all with my 3rd labour because the midwife claimed I 'wasn't in labour I just thought I was'. This was the easiest birth of all mine (4 so far) by a long way. All mine were born facing upwards, except my 4th who turned as she was born. I wonder now if I pushed before I was at 10cm and it actually led to an easier birth.

BreeVanDerTramp Tue 30-Oct-12 15:49:03

2pm with DC3 examined to be 5 cm, 2.10 pm waters broke with a push, 2.17 DD born while midwife on phone looking for a bed on delivery grin

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