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Refusing induction - any positive stories out there?

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PollyIndia Mon 08-Oct-12 10:27:30

I am currently 40+11 and off to see the consultant tomorrow where they will want to book me in for an induction later this week I imagine.

Right now, I am minded to refuse. The baby is moving well, I am feeling fine. They will scan tomorrow I think to check placenta blood flow and fluid levels, so assuming all ok with me and the baby, I feel like I would want to wait and take expectant management.

Does anyone have any stories of having done this and having gone into labour spontaneously post 42 weeks?

AliceHurled Mon 08-Oct-12 10:49:22

Not personally, yet, but I've heard enough positive stories to think that I'll go for management rather than induction.

NorthWhittering Mon 08-Oct-12 14:50:00

Yes grin it was a while ago now, but I refused induction (they wanted to do it at 41+5) as I didn’t think there was a need, and also I had had two sweeps which showed that my cervix just wasn’t ready – the mw doing my second sweep said to me she didn’t think induction (then booked for 2 days after the sweep) would work. I agreed to daily monitoring instead, went for the first session at 41+6 where they made me agree to a cut off point of 42+3 for the monitoring – which I was happy to do as I didn’t want it to go on for ever, I just wanted a chance to go in to labour on my own.

I went in to labour early hours of 42w exactly, and ds was born that night.

PollyIndia Mon 08-Oct-12 20:19:02

NorthWhittering that is good to hear. Having been scared into going to triage by an acupuncturist with a doppler and an inability to use it, I am starting to doubt myself and my ability to give birth naturally. I had zero contractions while on the trace so I suspect my cervix won't be favourable at the sweep tomorrow. So to know that you had that then went into labour naturally a few days later is really reassuring smile
Thanks very much!

RunraggedN8 Tue 09-Oct-12 10:50:02

Same. Hospital policy is to induce 10 days over. Second baby, I refused. They gave me a fluid scan- all fine and looked at placenta, all fine. Daily monitoring. Went into labour on 40+11, baby born 40+13 (healthy, easy birt- placenta not ragged, plenty of amniotic fluid).

NorthWhittering Tue 09-Oct-12 11:45:48

Don’t forget the hospital will have a policy on what date they book you in for induction. I changed hospitals during my pregnancy, my first didn’t induce till 42 weeks, my second at 41+10. I am also convinced that them telling me they were booking me in for induction when I was 41wks stopped me going in to labour on my own as I was so stressed by the idea. I am sure that taking back control over what was happening helped me go in to labour naturally.

Good luck smile

PollyIndia Tue 09-Oct-12 17:47:41

Thanks. 40+12 now and have agreed to monitOring for next few days then we will discuss again. Not sure how long I feel happy going

surfmama Wed 10-Oct-12 00:07:49

hello polly followed your very first thread when you were away as i was expecting, just wanted to say have a good delivery!

PollyIndia Wed 10-Oct-12 07:23:53

Thanks surfmama! I cannot believe it has come round so fast. I should have the baby by the end of the weekend! X

Badgerina Thu 11-Oct-12 12:53:39

Polly I want to tell you my (very recent) story. I think you may know that I am very pro natural birth, and think choice and respect are very important during pregnancy and birth.

We went with expectant management after a very positive meeting with the SOM last Friday, at 41+6. The plan was to meet again at 42+3 if labour had not started.

Despite a positive scan on the Friday, (healthy placental function, normal fluid levels) I battled with anxiety over the weekend and opted to go in Sunday morning to commence induction. I found the emotional side of waiting VERY hard sad

The pessary only brought on sporadic, mild surges that ebbed away. However on Monday morning, the CTG picked up a serious dip in baby's heart rate and we were rushed into theatre where they were prepping me for a crash section sad THANK GOD baby righted himself, and the WONDERFUL consultant obstetrician decided she was happy with baby's well being and that we could continue with the induction albeit now as "high risk" (so more monitoring and not on the MLU anymore)

Labour started an hour after they ruptured my membranes, and I was ready to push 3 hours later grin (labour was very easy to deal with grin ) However, baby's heart rate dipped during pushing and yet again we found ourselves in theatre being told we had 10 mins to deliver the baby sad I was fully dilated but he was still a bit high. I was terrified but adamant I didn't want a caesarean sad They were seconds away from giving me a spinal for a c-section when the obstetrician (same one from earlier) halted them and supported me to give birth to my baby myself smile

It was very scary. We've been told there is no way of knowing whether the dips in heart rate were a reaction to the induction or whether they were due to post-maturity sad

HOWEVER: I feel very positive about the way we were supported in our decision every step of the way. We were respected, listened to, and kept informed throughout all the scariness. The team were so gentle and caring, even in the midst of emergency - I was kept covered, wrapped in warm blankets, cleaned up afterwards and everyone came to congratulate me smile


farfallarocks Thu 11-Oct-12 14:28:30

badgerina huge congrats on the birth of your baby, as someone due to give birth at St T's in about 3 weeks your story is very reassuring.
Was your consultant P Kyle? I have found her amazing.

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