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How long before.......? Help pls!!!

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ST82 Mon 08-Oct-12 03:02:26

Hi all. I am currently 42 +4! On saturday afternoon i started feeling some contractions and had a little bloody show. On sunday, around 5 am decided to pop at my hospital. The MW examined me and confirmed i had not dilated at all and my waters had not broke. I was sent home and have been here since; nearly 24 hrs now. In the mean time: i have lost a lot / all my mucus, contractions are getting stronger and longer but not more frequently ie currently evert 10-12 mins.

Can someone share any similiar exp? When should i expect to go into labor? Shall i ring the hosiptal in the mean time? They said to call if waters break or contractions are too painful.... Can someone tell me how much longer do i possibly have before i meet the little one?

Am grateful for your thoughts and comments as right now i feel like this baby will never come out!!!

MrsHelsBels74 Mon 08-Oct-12 03:06:10

Can't shed any light on when you're likely to meet your baby, but if ever you're unsure about what is happening call the hospital.
Didn't want to read & run but can't really offer much advice, my first labour was super speedy & my last ended up in a c-section (currently feeding the result!).

Good luck x

ST82 Mon 08-Oct-12 03:27:42

Thank you mrshelsbels!!!! I will give it another couple of hrs and then give them a call. Im worried they may just do nothing at this stage with things going the way they are... Thats why im keen to find out other people's exp.

armedtotheteeth Mon 08-Oct-12 03:36:56

Could take a while sorry - impossible to say. Try to get some sleep in between contractions tonight (hard I know but you need to conserve energy). If you really can't sleep try having a warm bath to relax you and help with the pain.

The hospital will probably want you to wait until the contractions are 5cm apart if you are coping ok. Having said that, if the pain is too much or you're worried for any reason obviously go in sooner.

Do you have a tens machine you could try using now?

Good luck! X

newtonupontheheath Mon 08-Oct-12 03:53:28

ST82 I'm in the same limbo at the mo...

Mw did a sweep earlier and had some strong contractions that were irregular... Settled into a regular every 7 minutes but now nothing!!

It's been about 12 hours since I spoke to my mw. Going to ring her in the morning and see what next step is. She said I was 3 cm so hopefully I'll be more than that now but surely if contractions have stopped-well, what can I do?!

This isn't a very helpful post.... Sorry blush smile

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