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Any chance of spontaneous labour for DC3???

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KBwan Sun 07-Oct-12 16:57:37

I was induced due to going 40+11 for DDs 1 and 2 and am now expecting DC 3 (32 weeks). My midwife told me to keep 12/12/12 free for induction (which, to be fair, is a pretty good date to have a birthday). But I still long for a room in the birth centre with the double bed and flat screen tv. Come tell me your stories about how your subsequent children were more prompt... or else I shall have to start booking theater tickets, nights out etc to hope sod's law prevails.

RunraggedN8 Sun 07-Oct-12 22:59:44

Hi! Is there any reason you need to be induced at due date plus 10/11? You could ask for expectant management if all seems well otherwise?

Sophiathesnowfairy Mon 08-Oct-12 03:07:45

My last two were both 40+11 too! Am 35+4 with the next and soooo hoping for a spontaneous labour!

KBwan Thu 11-Oct-12 13:44:16

Hi Runragged, was no medical need to induce... but I had no idea at the time I could ask for expectant management.
Also, when my second was born they showed me the placenta and it was really sclerotic (if that's the right word). Loads of white plaque type stuff which showed it wasn't functioning fully, so I'd be nervous about leaving it much longer this time.

Ho hum... time will tell.
Good luck Snowfairy - hopefully you will be my tale of inspiration and pop maybe at 40+7 or something (you don't want to rush these things!).

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