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Think I'm in labour, need some reassurance :/

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Nicole2781 Sun 07-Oct-12 05:57:47

Hello this is my first post but have been reading for a couple of weeks and love it!

I am 40+2 had a sweep at 40wks and around 1am this morning I had a show (I think!) it was like a bit of light brown mucus. At around 3am I woke with a trickle thinking I was wetting myself myself and had a slightly painful contraction. I have tried to sleep but have been getting contractions around 7-8 mins apart lasting around 1min. Every contraction I get more water coming out I can't believe how much there is!! Thing is I'm not sure what to do... Don't really want to wake anyone up as I am coping well with the pains I have a hot water bottle on my back.
When shall I phone the labour ward? Sorry if it sounds like a silly question. Any advice would be great thanks smile

rubyslippers Sun 07-Oct-12 05:59:44

Phone labour ward now for advice if your waters are going as there is infection risk after they have gone (after 24 hours IIRC)

How are you coping with your CX?

Good luck!!!

Nicole2781 Sun 07-Oct-12 06:03:07

Ah ok I will do now thank you.

To be honest it's just like a severe period pain in my lower belly...just trying to relax and breathe as I know it's only going to get worse grin

MarjorieAntrobus Sun 07-Oct-12 06:12:09

How's it going, Nicole?

<sending encouragement and hand-holding>

Nicole2781 Sun 07-Oct-12 06:48:39

I'm ok thanks just about to go to labour ward as midwife said I should be checked out as my waters have gone but ill more than likely be sent home if I'm not dialating. Ill let you know what happens anyway, hopefully things are progressing grin

GirlWithTheMouseyHair Sun 07-Oct-12 06:50:12

Good luck! How exciting, yay to birthing babies!

chaosandcupcakes Sun 07-Oct-12 06:51:50

Good luck hope all goes well

Sending good labour vibes

Nicole2781 Sun 07-Oct-12 10:24:33

Thanks guys... Just got back home I'm only 1cm sad will be induced at 3.30am tomorrow if nothing happens today. A bit sad that I haven't progressed further those contractions hurt! I need to man up! Thanks for the messages anyway I'm gonna try and sleep smile x

Lovingbeingpregnant Sun 07-Oct-12 10:58:46

How are things going?

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