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Birth plan after third degree tear and awful piles (tmi!)

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bangersmashandbeans Sat 06-Oct-12 09:12:14

Hi, when I had my dd in feb 2010 I was induced due to coliastasis (sp?) and pre-eclampsia and ended up with a very fast labour - 2-10cm in an hour. Not sure if it was as a result of this or not but I ended up with a 3rd degree perineal tear and absolutely horrendous piles. 2.5 yrs later and the piles are still there but my consultant won't operate until I've finished having babies. I am due again in feb and starting to get absolutely terrified about what will happen to my body when I give birth this time as I've read that a bad tear is more likely once you've had one already, and piles obviously come with pushing and mine are pretty bad already. Sorry for the TMI ��

LoisLame Sat 06-Oct-12 10:20:00

Maybe avoiding the purple pushing and going the breathe the baby out route would help with both things. There was a thread about the breathing thing recently on here.

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