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35 weeks and painful Braxtons with cramps...

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Whatsounddoesagiraffemake Mon 01-Oct-12 16:25:24

....also feeling some pressure. Should I bother the labour ward or is this just what I can expect for the next 5 weeks?

DD was born at 35+5 which is what I'll be tomorrow so I don't know if I'm being over cautious or if I should worry. This is all new to me! GP appt tomorrow pm so wondering if I should wait till then or faff about with childcare this afternoon, only to be sent away feeling sheepish!

What do the wise mnetters suggest?

DoulaKate Mon 01-Oct-12 18:52:29

Hi. Are you able to breathe easily through the Braxtons/cramps? Have you lost any fluid at all? It'll be worth monitoring the cramps (timing between them and level of intensity). Maybe pick up the phone to your midwife if they don't subside, particularly based on the term of your last pregnancy. Get some rest if you can and put your feet up (if you haven't got other kids to run around after?!).

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