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Has anyone changed homes right before delivery

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FizaUK Mon 01-Oct-12 13:54:19

I am a little confused. Have the option of moving into a new home 3 weeks before due date or 1 week after. Prefer 3 wks before due date as safer (1 week after might be bang in time for delivery in case late?) but I was wondering has anyone been in this situation and when is the right time to inform NHS of address change.

My hospital should remain the same as moving in the same area...but I dont want to go through the process of notifying them of address change before delivery in case it might confuse things more. I can just redirect mails to new address. Or is there a more easy/smooth way of going about things? Any suggestions from your experience would be so wonderful, totally confused!

Thanks a lot in advance!

IfYouCanMoveItItsNotBroken Mon 01-Oct-12 14:08:19

I moved on the 16th of September knowing I was having a section on 19th but the lease wasn't ready for signing until Saturday night so never had time to notify everyone incase we never actually managed to move all our stuff first! When I was discharged from hospital I simply gave them my new address and they passed it on to the community midwives. I think I was slightly out of my midwives' catchment area but they came anyway through choice, they said it would have been no problem and they would have just passed it on to the other midwives covering my new area easily. 3 weeks before sounds like a good time, 2 days before was more stressful than I had anticipated! Good luck.

FizaUK Mon 01-Oct-12 14:54:51

Thanks that's such a helpful response and a relief to hear too. Hope you are doing very well now!

BackforGood Mon 01-Oct-12 15:51:13

If you have a real choice then definitely move 3 weeks before. Of course, none of these babies are very good at arriving on the right day, and it's possible (s)he will arrive 3 weeks early, but probably more likely to be a week late than on time!
When dc1 was born we were desperately trying to move but the solicitors were still working at the pace of a quill pen, and we ended up moving when ds was tiny - I wouldn't recommend it except that all our family and friends felt so sorry for us, they all came round and unpacked so I had very little to do.
Don't worry about the hospital - they aren't that bothered about your address, and then the community midwives, just make it clear when you are discharged, where you are going to be. It's not uncommon for people to go home to relatives houses anyway, so they will probably check this info as you leave, automatically.

fuckityfuckfuckfuck Mon 01-Oct-12 16:35:59

With my first I moved at 38 weeks. I thought all the lugging things around would help get things strated but she was still 2 weeks late. I just told my midwife at the next visit, which actually was at home I think. So probably I called her. It's really no big deal though, just tell your midwife and inform your GP surgery too, that way you're covered for any appointments which might get sent in the post (most likely the health visitors I think)

Chunkychicken Tue 02-Oct-12 20:24:31

I moved a few months ago, so not exactly the same, but I just told my MW at my nxt appt & she changed my notes & crossed through all the address stickers (I wrote the new address on them recently). She said just make sure that the hospital/staff at the hospital have the correct address on your discharge papers, so they know where you are. I changed my address at my GP as normal, & my hospital actually allows you to email them with your change of address - although I assume this is only when you know your hospital number etc to confirm your ID as it were, otherwise anyone could do it!! hmm

GlesgaRocket Tue 02-Oct-12 21:09:01

I moved when i was 41+3 pregnant. Moved to a different county as well.
Went to register with a new GP, and was given the number for midwifery services. Spoke to a midwife who arranged to come out and visit. It was the midwife who contacted the hospital and did all the arranging for me to go in and be induced.
Was a pretty straightforward process for me.

FizaUK Wed 03-Oct-12 11:40:25

Haha exactly I was hoping that we would move 3 weeks ago so I could be super active and hopefully bring the labor on. Looks like that's not happening as for various reasons can only move one week before or one week after due date now which both sound equally bad.

Thanks so much for all the advice - truly appreciate it. Sounds like I will tell my midwife after I've moved and make sure the discharge notes have the correct addy when I go in for delivery aahhh!! And then work the usual route with NHS for the change of address etc but from your responses looks like its more impo that midwife and hospital are on the same page.

Wow - what country did you move to GlesgaRocket - that sounds very nicely organised!

Thanks again everyone!

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