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Did anyone else have a slow recovery from C section?

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RosannaBanana Mon 01-Oct-12 13:41:43

I had an elective c section 6 weeks ago. I am still having to limit my activity levels and get pretty sore if I do too much. I always read accounts on here of very fast recoveries but mine seems to be taking ages.
I had an infection a few weeks ago- that may have slowed things down?
I'm looking after a toddler and very keen to get back to normal!

FreelanceMama Mon 01-Oct-12 19:41:20

I took ages too. At six weeks though I do remember feeling that I'd suddenly turned a corner in terms of recovery but was still relatively feeble compared to now (8 months). I'm sure the infection was a contributory factor. I expect the quickest way to get better is to keep active but S L O W L Y build up.

RosannaBanana Tue 02-Oct-12 15:51:17

Thanks for the reply. I am strarting to feel better now but definitely not normal yet. Had a day with a newborn and toddler on my own today and am sore and exhausted. But the latter probably comes with the territory!

People I've known have seemed back to normal much more quickly. But must try not to compare....

Geekster Tue 02-Oct-12 16:14:24

I had an infection too, though not a bad one and I had pain in my scar for about ten weeks afterwards though not bad, and my dd is my only child having a toddler and newborn to look after must be tiring anyway, it will get better. My scar never hurts now but still gets really itchy. Have to be careful where I am if I scratch it as looks like I've got lice or something!

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