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Consultant next week - discussing VBAC.

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Panzee Sun 30-Sep-12 22:02:09

This is long - sorry!
I am currently 20 weeks pregnant with my second baby, first one was ElCS due to placenta previa. Placenta is behaving this time - it is high, anterior but not sticking to the scar so no danger of accreta. Sonographers were happy it was out of the way.

So the next step is to speak to the consultant about a VBAC. Ideally I would like to labour and/or birth in water - it's not unheard of at our hospital but it's not common. I have broached the subject with my consultant before: he rolled his eyes (with a smile on his face!) but I don't think he's completely against it, as long as I understand the risks.

What kind of things are they likely to say to me? I would like a water birth because I do love the water/swimming/baths/the sea etc, I feel safe in it, but also because I'm worried about pain relief - I would rather not have an epidural because I might not feel any scar rupture. I don't really fancy morphine and so that doesn't leave me with much option! What might their arguments be for continuous monitoring, and is there an equally/nearly as safe a way to monitor without being strapped up and lying on a bed?

When they mean continuous monitoring, will a midwife put the belt on and leave me for half an hour, or will she be there the whole time? One way I might want to argue it is if they're going to wander off and leave me it's safer to be in the water as there's someone with me all the time then.

I'm also worried that the consultant will agree to labour in water and then when I get to the hospital on the day I will be fobbed off. Can I ask for the consultant to sign something in my notes to say this has been agreed with him? Obviously I understand that the pool might be occupied so I won't set my heart on it completely.

And in general, am I better off staying at home as long as possible when VBAC or should I go in straight away? I'm only about 15 minutes in rush hour to the hospital from my house. I've never been in labour so I don't know how I'll be.

If you got to the end, well done! smile And thank you.

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