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Questions about being induced.

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shouldIbecrossaboutthis Thu 27-Sep-12 21:10:38

So I had planned a home birth for my first who was due 4 days ago, I'm going for a sweep tomorrow so fingers crossed that kicks something off; but I would quite like a plan B too and induction is obviously on the cards.

I've done a hypnotherapy course an ideally I wanted to give birth with gas and air; I'm quite easy going though so happy to have an epidural if needed.

I've got it ino my head being induced is the most painful long winded way to give birth. This is based on friends & friends of friends experiences, who all seem to be induced then go on to have forceps / crash c section?

Maybe this is because induced labours (maybe) take longer, so mum gets tired and has epidural mid to later stages so then can't push as effectively? Is there any sort of study into this does anyone know?

I suppose really my question is, will it take longer and hurt more if I'm induced and should I have an epidural from the outset with the idea that it will be wearing off / can be turned down for the pushing stage.

Sorry this is so garbled, just trying to get things straight in my head smile

sw11mumofone Thu 27-Sep-12 21:28:35

Hi - I was induced at 42+2. I hung on as long as I could in the hope I would go into labour naturally but that didn't happen. I don't have a great induction story to make you feel better I'm afraid but won't go into detail. However, I didn't have an emergency c-section or forceps but did have to have a ventouse delivery after 3 hours of pushing. With regards to an epidural, I don't know if this is the same in every hospital, but I had no choice. If you had to have a syntocin drip you had to have an epidural before they would even start that. They tried three lots of gel on me first but it didn't work. So I think if the gel had worked then they would treat it like a normal spontaneous labour from that point. But once you get to the drip stage I think an epidural is essential. I think it could be different in every hospital so probably a good idea to check with your midwife as to their induction process. I certainly wish I had known a bit more about it.

frazzledbutcalm Thu 27-Sep-12 21:29:49

I've been induced 3 times ...

1st labour 2 and half hours
2nd labour 1 hr 40mins
3rd labour 50 mins (most of this spent waiting for midwife to get ready!!)

I had 3 great experiences of inductions smile

Sirzy Thu 27-Sep-12 21:32:57

I was induced with DS, the actual process was very long (and boring!) I went in to be induced on the wednesday morning and DS wasn't born until the friday morning.

However, that was just "getting things going". When I was taken to have my waters broken and put on the drip the actual labour was only 5 hours.

I managed with G and A. The pushing stage caused problems but only because he was back to back and didn't turn during labour, however other than needing an episiotomy (sp) and losing a fair amount of blood (which would have happened even without an induced labour probably) it was fine for me.

Good luck!

maybunny Thu 27-Sep-12 21:48:17

My waters broke but as I didn't go into labour they put me on a drip 24 hours later. The drip took 2 hours to start my contractions off but after that my ds was born 90 minutes later on gas and air only. I thought induction meant epidural but it doesn't have to and it was fine!

shouldIbecrossaboutthis Thu 27-Sep-12 21:52:56

Argh! A mixed bag then, wish I had a crystal ball!

I did not know they made you have an epidural if you have the drip, I will ask if it's the same when I go and see her tomorrow.

Does anyone know if you can induce yourself at home with pessaries? From reading on here lots of people say that pessaries don't work and gel is better? Maybe I can DIY at home?

Another thing I've read is that it's statistically better to have the baby before 42 weeks. If I'm going to be induced anyway I'd rather get it over and done with. But then I suppose there is nothing to say it would ever be a long a wait as 42 weeks :/

So confusing! Ah well maybe the best approach is to do sweep tomorrow and see what happens from there. I really thought is be early too as the baby has been engaged since 37 weeks #hollowlaugh

HenriettaChicken Thu 27-Sep-12 21:59:07

Induced at 40+8. I had a 35 min 1st stage & my entire labour was only a couple of hrs. But I had pre-eclampsia. Apparently that can rush it along! (also had ventouse but this was absolutely fine.)

All the best!

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