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Lister Hospital v L&D - any thoughts, experiences?

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WrackedWithIndecision Thu 27-Sep-12 14:30:32

Regular but have name changed for this, as RL friends don't know I'm pg yet.

Had Dcs 1 and 2 at the L&D and was really impressed by the care I received, particularly in SCBU. Pre-eclampsia both times, had lots of consultant appointments and monitoring.

But, the L&D is out of area for me which was always a huge hassle in terms of arranging things via the community mw or GP. And, as my last birth was so quick - just very an hour - I thought it might make more sense to go to the Lister this time as it is nearer. Plus a friend just had a very bad experience at the L&D (full on medical negligence case, can't say too much for fear of outing myself or her) which has put me off a bit.

But, my first impressions of the Lister aren't good. For one thing, I can't have my 12 week dating scan until 16 weeks. Can't decide whether to stick with the Lister or change back to the L&D ASAP. Fwiw, if I went into labour at home and had to call an ambulance I would get taken to the L&D rather than the Lister, even though the Lister is nearer, because of a postcode anomaly.

NoCarbsBeforeBarbs Sun 30-Sep-12 20:50:45

Hi there.

Congratulations on your pregnancy! Firstly I can't comment on either hospitals through personal experience as I had both of mine at the nearby QE11 which has now merged with Lister.

I have however heard some positive stories with Lister, now having a Birthing unit which sounds great. Cannot comment on L&D having no knowledge at all. Sorry to hear about your friends case, that is very sad but Could happen anywhere (as much as it shouldn't)

Would it be worth you booking in for a chat/to look around if this is still an option?
Could you possibly pay for a private scan earlier for your piece of mind?
Sorry I'm not much more help, I wanted to bump it in the hope someone else pops along. I run an Ante and Post Natal Mum and Baby class (won't name incase I get in trouble-Lazy Daisy!) but my Mums tend to be Harlow or Lister so I can't get a comparison there either.

Good Luck with your decision and enjoy your pregnancy!

cbeebiesatemybrain Mon 01-Oct-12 08:34:53

I don't know anyone who has given birth at either of them but I've heard good things about Bedford hospital which must be fairly near?

WrackedWithIndecision Mon 01-Oct-12 11:09:46

No, Bedford is too far. It's easily 45mins plus from my house, and my last
labour only lasted an hour! I'm about 10/15 mins from the Lister and 30-60 from the L&D (time depends hugely on the traffic).

They ballsed up ds1's tongue tie snip, which puts me off them too -and the parking is tricky

cbeebiesatemybrain Mon 01-Oct-12 12:06:13

Oh sorry thats not helpful then! Is homebirth an option? I had one with dc2 mainly because I had a fast labour with dc1 and found it much less stressful not having to do a panicked rush to hospital!

wkmmum Mon 01-Oct-12 13:29:01

I'm booked to have DC2 at Lister MLU (currently 32 weeks). Had DS at QE2 in Welwyn Garden City but the maternity unit has closed down now. And have had booking in appt and scans at QE2 so no direct experience of Lister yet. But everything I've heard (of the MLU at least) has been very good.

Sorry I can't be of more help but hopefully I'll be able to give some feedback soon xx

harrygracejessica Mon 01-Oct-12 17:23:24

I was at lister at 29 weeks with twins in early labour and was in for 4 days - I was in delivery suite as ambulanced from Bedford. Was a nice clean delivery suite, lovely and big (not long opened) then went on the ward which was older but still ok, not many midwives but it's like that most places. I've had all 5 of mine at Bedford but lister would be better for timings etc for you.

DoulaKate Mon 01-Oct-12 18:43:41

Hi. Great Midwife-led unit at Lister..and all shiny and new. Also the consultant-led unit at Lister was much better than a lot of consultant-led units I've been in, in other hospitals. The couple of times I've been there and they were very busy, they still paid attention to "mum" without making her feel like a number, even though they were rushed off their feet. I really think it depends what the unit is having to cope with on the day you are in labour and how much consistent attention and care they can give you during your labour. Have they given you a reason why you are having to wait until you're 16 weeks for your first scan?

WrackedWithIndecision Mon 01-Oct-12 19:01:33

Thanks all. Much food for thought. 90%of the people I know have given birth at the Lister. I've heard mixed things, but a lot of that was based on the old unit not the shiny new one! Think I will stick with it, but I can always change if necessary.

I would love a home birth but the GP has already said no. I'm a high risk pregnancy - over 40, had Pre-eclampsia in both previous pregnancies (from quite early on with the 2nd), and have high BP already in this one. Chances are that if I went into labour at home it would end up being a home birth, if not a planned one!

The 16week scan is because I can't have my booking in appointment until 12 weeks (no free appointments, or something) and they said they can't book me in for a scan until I've been booked in, and then there would typically be a wait of 3-4 weeks to get the scan. I've arranged to have the nuchal done privately in Harpenden at 12 weeks so will get round the scan problem that way, and probably just decline the option to have one at the Lister.

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