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Labour & birth questions ?

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mom2rhysnruby Tue 25-Sep-12 16:15:55

Im due my 2nd child in 5 weeks.
I was induced (drip) with my son and had my waters broken for me.
A few questions that may sound silly but got me curious since reading some threads:

What do your waters breaking feel like? & how do you know if it happens in the bath or on the toilet?

How do you 'know' the pains you start getting are real and not braxton hicks?

Second labours supposed to be quicker... How long once u feel pains, have a show or waters breaking should u contact someone?

I know they may be simple questions but touch wood i
Havent got to be induced this time so 'natural labour' is all new to me!

lalabaloo Tue 25-Sep-12 16:29:52

When my waters broke it felt like a big pop, and then lots of fluid. I was in bed so no idea about on the loo or in the bath, but I think you would notice.

The contractions were different to Braxton hicks as they were a very definite tightening and relaxing again in a wave Did you feel contractions when you were induced?

I only have one dc so can't help on second labours I'm afraid

MoonHare Tue 25-Sep-12 16:39:30

I've had two labours that started spontaneously so I can't compare to being induced but I can share some of my experiences in answer to your questions.

First time around my labour started with my waters breaking. They came out in a trickle like an average wee to begin with as I was climbing out of bed to get something. I wasn't sure at first but then sat on the loo and the gush was unbelievable!!! I was then very sure my waters had gone. Contractions started about 30 mins later (about 5 mins apart) and gradually incresed in frequency and intensity.

Second time around my waters remained intact until 2nd stage anyway so it was the contractions starting that alerted me. I'd had niggling pains on and off all day but at about 7.30 a they started getting very obvious and it was the intensity rather than frequency that meant there really was no mistaking it.

I have never had 'a show' so can't comment on this.

Second time around I phoned the hospital about an hour after contractions had started properly, we had a planned home birth so had to phone so that they could contact the duty mw. We had been advised that it could be much quicker than first time around so should ring the hospital asap. Very glad I rang when I did as DD2 arrrived in half the time of DD1. So my advice would be to phone early doors they might well suggest you stay at home for a while but at least they know to expect you. The mw I spoke to on the phone that night told me a second baby can easily deliver on 2 contractions in 10 mins - which was pretty much my experience.

Best wishes with everything.

WantAnOrange Tue 25-Sep-12 17:08:13

My waters went first too but there was no gush. It was a trickle but I new it was waters because it just kept going! If it had happened on the loo, I guess you'd know because 10 minutes later you'd still be leaking!

I've had BH for months now but remember contractions feeling intensily more painful.

SoozleQ Tue 25-Sep-12 18:50:15

My waters went just as I was getting in bed for a nice lie down. DD was breech and I felt her kick me in my down below, I knew straight away it had broken my waters so legged it to the bathroom where it was as though someone had just thrown a bucket of water everywhere. Because she was breech, no head was engaged so there was nothing to reduce the flow, I suppose. I was fully dilated within 2 and a half hours and all the midwives I've seen this pregnancy suggest it will be quicker this time. No idea about actual birth as had a section due to DD's very random position last time.

elliejjtiny Thu 27-Sep-12 18:14:38

What do your waters breaking feel like? & how do you know if it happens in the bath or on the toilet? - Felt a bit like a fart, but from the other hole! then a gush. With DS1 it happened in the pool and I still noticed it happen

How do you 'know' the pains you start getting are real and not braxton hicks? When it was braxton hicks they kept stopping if I lay down or if a midwife or dr was in the room. In proper labour they carried on whatever I did

Second labours supposed to be quicker... How long once u feel pains, have a show or waters breaking should u contact someone? with DS1 I phoned about an hour after contractions became regular with no stopping (although phoned a few times for false alarms before that). With DS2 I was meant to be induced and I was desparate to avoid it. Went into labour during a home visit from the midwife so no need to call anyone. With DS3 I was in hospital waiting to be induced and went into labour (my babies obviously like to live life on the edge grin) so no need to call anyone then either.

GoldenGreen Thu 27-Sep-12 18:30:56

No need to contact anyone with a show - it doesn't really tell you how soon labour will or won't be. I didn't have one prior to labour with either of my dc.

2beornot Thu 27-Sep-12 21:45:07

Not silly questions at all. I think waters breaking are different for everyone though, so no-one will be able to predict yours! I never noticed mine going at all I presume it was when I got in the bath but I couldn't say for certain!

Mmmchampagne Thu 27-Sep-12 22:18:19

My waters broke at the beginning of labour for both my children. It sort of felt like something 'snapped' and then I felt the fluid come out. Like Wantanorange said it just kept coming, I had no idea there'd be so much! With DS1 there was meconium so there was a green tinge, but with DS2 there wasn't and it was clear/yellowish fluid.

Apologies if you know this already but I was told to call the labour ward for advice when your waters break regardless and they will tell you what to do from there. With meconium you have to go in right away in case the baby is in distress, and if it's normal they induce you within 24-48 hours if labour doesn't start spontaneously to avoid risk of infection.

When I had a show it just felt like there was lots of blood all of a sudden (which there was!), but it happened when I was already in labour rather than beforehand.

My BH were sometimes painless, and sometimes uncomfortable on the verge of painful and they were also very regular - I could time them to the second almost. But when I was finally in full blown labour there was no doubt, comparatively the pain with the contractions felt sort of like a burning, tearing sensation and very, very intense. I think it's when your contractions get to three in ten minutes that you need to go in but there's no harm in calling the labour ward for advice, especially if you've got to that point quickly.

From what I understand most people have a shorter second labour. My first was 5.5 hrs start to finish and the second 1 hr 10 mins and in spite of being back to back and in a strange postion he arrived in two pushes (had called the labour ward right away and advised to go in but he had other ideas and was born at home with the help of the paramedics and on-call midwife who'd just walked in the door. But I'm pretty sure that's not normal!)

laracroft2001 Thu 27-Sep-12 22:20:39


My waters breaking felt and sounded like a pop - and with the amount of fluid/mucus/blood etc, you would know if you were in the bath/toilet.

And with the contractions being 'real'. I think you just know If that makes sense

brettgirl2 Fri 28-Sep-12 07:30:40

I dont think waters breaking is a reliable sign, mine went with dd2 8 mins before she was born, I'd have been in trouble if I'd waited for that.

With my second labour I noticed that the contractions were intensifying as I walked around rather than going away. I wasnt 100% certain I was in labour before I called for midwife. From the point when I would have been certain it was 38 minutes so please err on the side of caution.

Remember 2nd labours are much quicker.

Biggem Sat 29-Sep-12 13:42:14

Was going to start similar thread!
CS first time so no experience of anything!
Think I've had some BH this time round, but as to contractions do you just KNOW what they are?
And how far apart / lasting are the supposed to be before u go to hospital? Can't remember a thing from antenatel classes last time

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