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past end of tether, now think I will be pregnant forever!

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Katienana Mon 24-Sep-12 17:16:00

I would love to know if anyone else has experienced anything like this. As thread title suggests, I think I will be pregnant forever and am not even overdue yet...39+3.
I started getting contractions 2 weeks ago. Since then on several occasions they have built up, becoming more intense and coming 3 minutes apart, at which point I have phoned hospital and with it being 11-ish at night (always this sort of time) advised to get some rest and see what happens. So I get into bed and find that I struggle for a couple of hours but eventually drop off and then the contractions tail off and I have normalish night's sleep, waking up the next day at square one.
I went into hospital at 38+6 and was examined and found to be 50% effaced, 'soft and stretchy' and 1-2cm dilated. Although not in active labour obviously!!!
Am sitting here now and have been having noticeable contractions for about at hour, probably about 5 minutes apart, but cannot be bothered to count or time them properly as it will probably all come to nothing again. Just feel like this could go on indefinitely and it's taking away the excitement and no one reacts any more when I say I have twinges.
Has anyone else experienced a very long and slow pre labour and what was the outcome? If there is a payoff in the form of a quick labour it might give me a bit of encouragement!!!

Badgerina Mon 24-Sep-12 19:12:47

Yes! A friend of mine who I was birth partner for had a long latent phase. She started having irregular (sometimes regular) painful contractions on the Monday, it continued all through the week. She couldn't sleep through hers though. They eventually settled into a rhythm, on the Thursday evening
(7pm-ish) and she was finally admitted to hospital. Her waters broke at 9pm and she had her baby in the water pool at half past midnight smile

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