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If you had a straightforward first birth, how was your 2nd / 3rd ......

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LittleBlackDress Sat 22-Sep-12 21:42:27

I had a straightforward first birth and am now considering my options for my second. My head is all over the place re hospital v home birth amongst other things. As the title says, if your first birth was straightforward, did the same apply to your subsequent births or were there unforeseen complications?

Knowsabitabouteducation Sat 22-Sep-12 21:53:58

My first birth was very straightforward - recorded as 4h15 from start to finish. It was painful when you think of all those contractions being concentrated into one-third of the typical time.

I wasn't exhausted and didn't need stitches. Breastfeeding was fine from the get go.

I was concerned with my next pregnancy about the speed of my first labour. I requested a domino birth (as was), but the midwife convinced me to book a home birth. She was spot on, as my next labour was 6 hours and, unbelievably, pain free.

Basically, I didn't need to be in a hospital for my first birth, so home made perfect sense.

A lot depends on how far you are from the hospital. I am 10 minutes away.

LittleBlackDress Sat 22-Sep-12 22:24:18

That is very encouraging indeed. Pain free - ooh, I could do with one of those! grin

My main motivation for home birth is the speed of my first labour, too. And all the lovely aspects to it. I'm just a bit worried about what happens in the event of a complication as we aren't that close to a hospital: 25-30 mins on a blue light I guess.

Pancakeflipper Sat 22-Sep-12 22:35:41

DS1 was 4 hrs. In hospital and a lovely 'event' overall.

I had DS2 in a hospital because DP was too panicky about a home birth ( wish I had been stubborn). DS2 was 3 hrs labour. Needed less stitches than DS1 which delighted me. I hated the labour though. I was really anxious due to being left in a waiting room with a woman haemorrhaging in a cubicle near me and rushed off for emergency surgery. And then when I got into a labour room I refused to use it as there was a squashed sausage roll ( looked like a Greggs) on the floor. The next room was covered in black mould around the sink area which was my eyeliner from the bed.

So look into home birth.

Though DS2 had low body temp and we had to stay in a few days until he was ok.

LittleBlackDress Sun 23-Sep-12 08:39:24

pancake gross about the sausage roll. Ugh. And the mould. I hated my hospital stay the first time but that was mainly because the midwives were massively understaffed and so were pretty unsupportive and dismissive.

nextphase Sun 23-Sep-12 08:47:36

DS1 was reasonably quick for a first birth.

DS2 was very fast. He ended up as an unplanned home birth, with one of the pair of paramedic technicians making it into the bathroom before the baby. The second technician obviously took the time to find the Entonox, and offered it after baby had arrived. Then had a 4 min totally natural third stage.

I would highly recommend a home birth now (having been a bit ergh about them before), if your low risk.

Its 20-25 mins in the car to the hospital, so maybe 15-20 on a blue light? The ambulance was there in 6 mins tho (good job too!)

southeastlondonmum Sun 23-Sep-12 14:24:51

Little black dress go for it. Am pregnant with my DC2 and am planning a home birth after straight forward birth with DC1.
I actually wanted it at home first time round but DH was a bit sceptical and we ended up with MLU as a compromise. I did so well that as I was getting out the birthing pool the midwife said ' you should go for a home birth next time'. It was a bit early to think about that thengrin.
I'm in Kings catchment area which has one of the highest rates of home birth in the country. It was mentioned at my booking in before I requested it based on my previous delivery ( I understand from mums net this is not always the case). It is very normal here about 900 babies a year (8%) are born at home and I'm actually with a NHS community midwife practice that only do home births. I'm currently moving to a street where all the woman have home deliveries and there is a pool that get passed around blush!

In terms of the evidence ( massive study by Oxford uni, Low risk mums have better results at home / MLU than hospitals and babies outcomes are the same whereever. People will always say 'what if' whereever you give birth! Good luck

southeastlondonmum Sun 23-Sep-12 14:31:17

Sorry should also say that my first delivery started v slowly ( on and off contractions for a week) but once it got going was fast. Second stage 24 mins.

AtLongLast Sun 23-Sep-12 21:52:08

I was induced for my first birth (twins) - labour recorded as 4.5 hours & was very straightforward.

I was keen to try for a homebirth for #3 and it made sense because we had no one to look after the twins and we aren't too far from the hospital. Just as well we had considered it really. Rang the hospital at 7pm to say I thought I might be in labour & rang my community midwife back at ~8pm to say things were definitely hotting up.... could they come now please. Dd arrived at 8.20pm after 3 `proper' contractions. Midwives turned up 20minutes later.....

LittleBlackDress Mon 24-Sep-12 19:03:35

Thank you for the replies. That was a quick second stage southeast!! Sounds like you have really supportive midwives. And atlonglast - heavens! That's what I'm worried will happen to me, hence going to hospital may not really be an option.

I really appreciate the reassurance and encouragement. Decisions, decisions!

MoonHare Tue 25-Sep-12 16:21:57

I had a very straightforward birth in hospital with DD1. This gave me confidence to go for a home birth second time around as I knew I could manage without pain relief. It was the best decision ever. DD2 was born at home as planned, lovely relaxed, calm experience.

There was none of the 'is it time to go to hospital yet???' anxiety, DH felt more involved and we were all tucked up in bed together with tea and toast 2.5 hours after she was born, no-one separated us because 'visiting time is over'.

Planning 2nd home birth with DC3 due next month.

We're about 25-30 mins drive from hospital too. The mw said they can do it on a blue light in 12 mins.

It's sensible to consider home birth if you've had a relatively quick first labour. Much more risk associated with giving birth on the side of the road during your 25 min journey there than in your own home with 2 midwives present.

My second birth was roughly half the time of first and felt very different to the point where I'm very glad we planned a home birth otherwise I think she would have arrived at home anyway with just DH to catch her! Contractions varied in strength and duration all the way through - I never felt like I would have said 'time to go to hospital' if that's what the plan had been, then 2nd stage was just 8 mins.

Talk it over with your mw and DH, have a look at Just a thought but people often talk about the risks associated with home birth but rarely the risks associated with hospital birth - and there are many.

Remember a straightforward birth is normal not lucky. If you've had one there's no reason not to expect a second.

LittleBlackDress Tue 25-Sep-12 19:08:58

Moonhare - great post. You speak a lot of sense. smile Do you mind me asking roughly how long your first and second labours were?

Osmiornica Tue 25-Sep-12 19:25:55

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MoonHare Tue 25-Sep-12 19:59:36

My two were not especially quick DD1 was 10.5 hours DD2 5 hours.

But with DD2 it felt so different I even put the mw off coming out at first. She told me to phone her again in one hour no matter what and thank goodness she said that. When I rang her I tried to put her off again, I was feeling relaxed and managing the pain well, but she insisted on coming out. I asked to be examined on her arrival - I was 9cm!! DD2 arrived before the 2nd midwife did. I will be phoning sooner this time and agreeing to them coming out straight away!

Very best wishes to you with everything.

LittleBlackDress Tue 25-Sep-12 21:13:19

Moonhare - that was cutting it fine! V impressed that you got to 9cm and were still putting the midwife off! Definitely call sooner next month... How long have you got left to go? Wishing you a nice (not too quick!) labour this time too.

Osmiornica - my first was similar to your second. Two hours from first contraction (middle of the night) to delivery. We just made it to the hospital in time, but I am worried that if this one is quicker (eek) we may not make it, especially as I'll have to get DC1 looked after. Don't want to replicate that car journey either - that was beyond unpleasant.

Your stories have really made me feel much more confident about the home birth and I am just going to try to enjoy these last few weeks instead of feeling anxious about stuff over which I have no control!

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