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Second birth coming up soon - can I request a C section?

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Emerald6 Thu 20-Sep-12 21:49:37

Hi all

I had a terrible experience with my first birth. DD was induced and born back to back 15 days overdue. Following a long time in the water pushing I ended up with waters being broken for me, a spinal block, emergency forceps and a 9lb 4 baby born with all sorts of cuts and bruising.

When my little one was 9 months old I visited my doctor. As well as having a bad back/pelvic floor problems following the birth I was still in tears and still very angry whenever I talked about the experience. I had physiotherapy for 16 months and doctor recommended I visit a counselor. I didn't take up the offer of counselling as I'm a full time mum and so no one was around to look after daughter.

Anyway, DD is now approaching 3 and I'm six weeks off due date with baby number 2. I'm back having physiotherapy as pelvic issues have returned and I'm booked in to see the consultant in a couple of weeks for a sizing scan.
I've completely blocked out any thoughts of birth until just recently.

I want to ask for a cesarean. I really don't think there was anything 'natural' about my first birth experience. Physically and mentally I don't think I could go through another 'assisted' birth with forceps. When I was in labour last time I never once had the urge or need to push. I've not spoken to my midwife about my thoughts as I've seen four different ones and no one has asked me about the next delivery yet.

Does anyone have any experience of an elective C following assisted first time birth?
Thanks so much for sharing if so - just trying to get an idea if I'm making an unreasonable request...

SecretCermonials Thu 20-Sep-12 21:51:16

Yes you can absolutely. I had emcs and am electing this time. My pct seem to be on board with this, but absolutely you can, just be prepared to fight your corner

VivaLeBeaver Thu 20-Sep-12 21:54:26

Yes, you can ask. You won't be the first to have asked for similar reasons.

Dr will have to go through risks of a section to make sure it's an informed choice.

Some drs are more sympathetic than others. If the first one isn't very sympathetic then you have the right to ask to be referred to another consultant. You can also quote nice guidelines about sections on maternal request.

It's very unlikely though not impossible I suppose that you won't find a dr to agree to this.

SecretCermonials Thu 20-Sep-12 22:05:39

Defo agree re NICE guidelines have printed them and highlighted attached to a statement sheet ive prepared for my official decision appointment blushFWIW a friend elected for same reason as you and she had no resistance

SecretCermonials Thu 20-Sep-12 22:09:56

I should contextualise and say that i was induced at 38+4 due to GD, and then ended up with EMCS, GD not diagnosed yet (18 week test clear,28 w to go!) but SPD kicking in already (24+6) and TBH the thought of my labour (and blood loss, aftercare issues etc) again fills me with dread. My initial talk with consultant was positive (as ive been clear on ELCS from day dot) but i am aware this will be reviewed further at 32 and 34 weeks.
Given what you went through i'd hope that your feelings would be respected and you are able to elect easily

Fairylea Thu 20-Sep-12 22:12:56

Yes you can and I did. Due to same circumstances. Was a billion times better.

elizaregina Fri 21-Sep-12 10:45:26

yes you can but get a move on!!!

you dont know who your going to face - the consultant could be great - no nonsense etc...or could be rather more tricky...

best to start ball rolling today and start the process.

Emerald6 Sat 22-Sep-12 23:49:53

Thanks for all the messages & advice, I really appreciate it & I will get a move on smile

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