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Managing birth following damage with previous baby? how did it affect you?

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Gingerbreadlatte Thu 20-Sep-12 09:36:55


I am due DC2 in 6wks. DC1 was massive at nearly 11lbs. She caused some damage to whole area during birth.

As this pregnancy has progressed, the issues from last time are exacerbated and I had a review yesterday whereby it was apparent I’ve got cystocele and absolutely no pelvic floor tone.
I am planning natural home birth again but now panicking that I’m going to end up totally broken after birth with major bladder/bowel issues. This isn’t about vanity!

What are your experiences of a 2nd birth after damage? did it make it worse?

More info
DC1 was born via normal vaginal delivery with no birthing issues.
Whole area was a car crash for ages and then I had unpleasant bladder symptoms for months (constant urge, discomfort feeling that bladder was hanging out).
The damage was mainly to my bladder and that department but also all my muscles around back passage were also massively stretched and now don’t work properly (turn inside out easily and remain like this all the time at the moment due to pressure of current baby).
I got fobbed off by a doc who said nothing was wrong.
Saw women’s health physio for a bit which helped with bladder issues.
I only now learn that there is a cystocele prolapse which is frustrating.
Following DC1, it all got better with time and stopping breastfeeding around 9months. It was never perfect though.

Gingerbreadlatte Thu 20-Sep-12 15:09:08


Sioda Sun 23-Sep-12 13:22:26

Hi Ginger, you need this thread:

Loads of info there for you. Not sure why it's in general health rather than here. AFAIK the short version is that some doctors will tell you that it's the subsequent pregnancy not birth that makes prolapses worse. Others will tell you a subsequent VB does contribute to further damage and they might advise a CS. Anyway the ladies on that thread should be able to help you. They've been through the lot.

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