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Are you a doula? (Q about training)

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waterfield Sat 18-Mar-06 08:43:49

Hi there
I want to train as a doula and have found a few courses on Doula UK.
Does anyone know anything about them? Two likely ones are two/three days long and another (Demestia) is much longer and covers 4 births I think.
It sounds a lot better/more helful when you're starting out. If I did a shorter course, how would I find my first parents/births to attend? Do you just advertise (lower rate I guess) and hope for the best?
How did you get started?

Muminnewcastle Sun 09-Apr-06 19:17:01

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

3Ddonut Fri 03-Aug-07 18:05:55

Muminnewcastle, I'm near to you and thinking about becoming a doula, do many people use your service?

mrsmalumbas Fri 03-Aug-07 18:14:20

In my experience most new doulas find that word of mouth is the best way, tell all your friends and contacts, get some business cards or simple leaflets printed and give them out to people like local midwives, mothers groups, NCT teachers etc, basically let as many people as you can know that you are working as a doula. Some doulas offer to give presentations on "what doulas do" at local antenatal classes, libraries, doctors clinics etc for free - this is a good way to build awareness and to increase your profile. You can also list yourself for free on http://www.findadoula,com. If you are just starting out as a doula, you don't have to reduce your prices - Doula UK suggest that you do, but it's up to you. In terms of training you might also like to have a look at Childbirth International on I am a trainer for CBI and our certification programme only requires that you support two women through pregnancy/birth. Good luck!

MarsLady Fri 03-Aug-07 18:32:38

Doula UK. I get most of my enquiries through Doula UK. You need to do one of their recognised training courses and you will be assigned a mentor/buddy as you go through the recognition process and beyond.

jofeb04 Fri 03-Aug-07 18:52:51

I'm a Doula and did my training with Nurturing Birth here
and it was over three days.

I got my first few births through Doula UK, and even though I am now not a member (through my own needs etc), I was really glad I had them when I needed that initial support.


DaisyMOO Fri 03-Aug-07 19:00:56

I've just done the Paramana Doula course, run by Michel Odent and I would really recommend it. He has a different perspective from much of the natural childbirth movement and as an obstetrician with more than 40 years' experience he is a very interesting speaker. The website isn't as flashy as some of the other courses, but don't let that put you off.

Klaw Fri 03-Aug-07 19:17:29

I also trained with Birth Counsultancy Services

a) because Adela is based in Scotland which made it easier for me and

b) because I liked that you had 6 months for reading and self-reflection, the two day workshop and a written assessment.

I felt that I would take in more that way.

It is also important to me that Doula UK is there for mentorship and support but then in Scotland we also have Scottish Doula Network. We are a great supportive and nurturing network!

I set up my website ages ago through a free hosting site Moonfruit and intend to try and get help with promotional material via Business Gateway, It does help that I was a Graphic artist at a printing co before all this!

I have had one referral via SDN and one contact via another forum I post on, and so both of my first two clients will be VBACers. I also attended the birth of a fellow Doula and poster on MN to give me that all important FIRST experience.

I have also joined my local MSLC and now am going to the Labour Ward forum also, so that my face is 'well kent' by the HCPs.

There are loads of ways of getting yourself 'out there!'


lulumama Fri 03-Aug-07 19:28:55

I did the nurturing birth course too....was 3 days with a fair bit of reading and written work , before and after

being a doula is a big learning curve, you learn something from each birth and each person you support...

you have to have the passion and the drive for it..and to keep educating yourself about pregnancy and birth

i am going to start training as a childbirth educator with childbirth international, once summer hols are over

Klaw Fri 03-Aug-07 19:34:04

Hi Lulu and Mars

there's also a great Doula support network on MN as you can see and there's been a few times we've pointed people in directions of Doulas we know here.....

lulumama Fri 03-Aug-07 19:39:15

hey klaw

that is very true...

i got a client from mumsnet

MarsLady Fri 03-Aug-07 19:43:01

This is very true and rather lovely!

And may I take this opportunity to say Thank You to my fellow/lady doulas who have pointed people in my direction.

<<Mars waves back at Klaw and Lulu and all the other doulas about>>

lulumama Fri 03-Aug-07 19:51:08

you may indeed

and may i also say, i recommended an ironing board and provided an image, without a word of thanks, or a LDC

MarsLady Sat 04-Aug-07 00:25:09

(Sorry Lulu. Went out and it escaped my mind. Thank You!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

3Ddonut Sat 04-Aug-07 09:10:54

May I ask a question that might sound a little thick? When you do your course (say 2 days) you can then advertise as a trainee doula and attend a birth with no further supervision? Am I right or have I missed something? Thankyooooooo.

lulumama Sat 04-Aug-07 09:20:23

after the nurturing birth course, you have to submit a book review of a post natal book, or breastfeeding book, and also several pieces of written work, of various birth and post natal scenarios..then your assessor will go through it and your certificate will be issued, then you can advertise ,as a trainee, and apply to join doula uk

the forum on doula uk and on the nurtruing birth site are great for any questions about clients, and you will have a mentor assessor to talk to aswell

and then after each birth you fill in a birth record which your mentor will go through with you

3Ddonut Sat 04-Aug-07 13:24:36

Thanks lulu, that seems a good way of doing things. You're still 'on your own' at the first birth though I take it? Bit daunting, to be honest, but my background is nursing and you have to be watched to do this and competent to do that and everything has to be signed for, I'm looking forward to having less of that to worry about and being more autonomous.

lulumama Sat 04-Aug-07 13:34:19

on your own !

remember, a doula is not there as a medical person, we don;t do anything medical, we don;t examine the labouring woman, we don;t give pain relief, we are there to support her emotionally, to be a caring hand on her forehead when it gets tough, to gently remind her of her birth preferences...

so you cannot do anything wrong, per se, as long as you are supporting her, in the birth she wants

PeckaRolloverAgain Sat 04-Aug-07 17:12:20

3DDonut - are you in Newcastle? Im a doula in Newcastle if you want to ask any questions

PeckaRolloverAgain Sat 04-Aug-07 17:12:32

Im also pregnant and looking for a doula ;)

Lilliput Sat 04-Aug-07 17:48:54

I don't suppose anyone knows anyone needing a doula in southern Scotland?
I have finally pulled my finger out and started my written assignment. It's a bit disjointed at the moment. I also don't want it to be too long.

Lilliput Sat 04-Aug-07 17:49:39

I'm doing the birth consultancy course by the way.

3Ddonut Sat 04-Aug-07 23:21:16

Pecka - no I'm in Middlesbrough and there's a HUGE gap in the 'market' for this type of natural birth alternative. How far
South do you go because I could do with having someone who could be available if I wasn't because I will still need to work. Congrats on the pg when are you due? I'm thinking of doing my first course in October so I'll probably not be ready for you, but it's an interesting thought!

Lulu- thankyou for your response I realise that it's an entirely different job (Great!!!) I just find it hard to 'let go' of what is so familiar!

MarsLady Sat 04-Aug-07 23:22:31

3D you'll love it!

3Ddonut Sat 04-Aug-07 23:26:55

Hi Mars - had a look through your website the other, was stuck by what a happy, smiley person you are!

I know that I will love it, I'm soooo excited to get started, I know it's what I want and what I've been waiting to find but I rely heavily on my income, I'm in a lot of financial trouble, and can't afford to just give up work so I'd need to 'fit it in' for now, at least the next four years....I know that I can't get out of work at the drop of hat to attend a birth and will therefore need some backup, which isn't ideal, I've thought about being a post-natal doula for the time being (as it's more predictable) and topping up with teaching antenatal classes and breastfeeding support etc, but it's a risk for me at the mo just want to get started!!!!

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