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What is hypnobirthing?

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PipIsOutNow Fri 24-Aug-12 10:08:22

And how do I get started? After a very traumatic EMCS last time I'm hoping for a calm peaceful possible water birth this time and willing to try anything!!!

Any suggestions or advice greatly appreciated!!!

hzgreen Fri 24-Aug-12 16:22:45

Hi Pip, hypnobirthing works on the theory that fear.tension makes labor pain worse and that adrenalin slows down the labor process. it basically centres around relaxation exercises to help you have a calmer birth that will jhopefully result in less medical intervention.

i've done the hypnobirthing course but ended up with an EMCS (nothing to do with the birth, had an early baby 36 weeks) but am planning a possible HBAC this time so will definately be trying to hypnobirth. I would really recommend this book:
as a good place to start. it's by an American woman who first developed hypnobirthing but this version of the book is aimed more at a British audience. it's really easy to read and makes a lot of sense (well to me anyway!)

how far along are you?

hzgreen Fri 24-Aug-12 16:24:13

ooo i meant to say that even though i didn't get to hypnobirth last time it made a huge difference to my pregnancy, i was much more relaxed throughout once i started the exercises and i still use the breathing techniques now if i'm anxious or i can't sleep. so it did prove very useful anyway in the end!

PipIsOutNow Fri 24-Aug-12 17:41:39

Thanks for that!!! Great advice!!! I'm 17 weeks now so still a long way off but want to prepare myself. I will defo buy that book. I'm a natural born worrier anyway so with a nasty experience last time this birth is really worrying me. Part of me thinks an ELCS would solve all the problems but another part of me thinks that a natural more positive birth would put some of the ghosts to rest for me.

AdiVic Fri 24-Aug-12 20:11:06

I did the HB, and won't repeat what hzgreen said, apart from I had normal birth and it was lovely, the HB breathing and visualisation really worked for me. Took 2 days to induce me and I declined a cs (as the baby was in no danger). I kept telling the MW he was coming and she didn't believe me as I was in no discomfort. It was my 2nd baby, and once going I had him in 1.5hrs, with no more than 10 mins him coming out, I didn't push once, my body took over and did it itself - I only felt mild panic as it happened so fast and easily. Can't praise it enoughsmile Good luck and enjoy.

p.s. when reading the book, i found I couldn't do the visualisation but found I could when in hosp - had some great relaxing music and if i had to do it again tomorrow, would be straight in there

TeaandHobnobs Fri 24-Aug-12 20:18:57

Pip I did a hypnobirthing course (well half of one in the end) and although I didn't get to use the techniques fully, the breathing exercises and positive affirmations saw me through a potentially scary medicalised premature labour. In fact, the birth was a very positive experience for me, despite ending in a forceps delivery.

The whole idea is about shutting off your conscious mind to allow your subconcious to take over and let your body do its thing (preventing the fear-tension-pain cycle as a pp mentioned). Don't worry if you think you fall asleep listening to the cd, that means it is working!

Good luck! I hope you can have a positive experience this time thanks

GodisaDj Fri 24-Aug-12 20:26:28

I did Natal Hypnotherapy which is the UK version of hypnosis during birth.

I read the book by Maggie Howell Effective Birth Preparation and actually did a course too.

The course was fab. Focused on your ideal birth and techniques for you (and your birth partner) during labour. Well worth the money

The book was brilliant for me. It gave me the opportunity to face my fears and explore why I was worried/scared about childbirth. It also gave me confidence to know my body will naturally do what it should if you put it in the right circumstances - calm, relaxed & dark environment, few people, familiar smells, sounds and touch.

The CD's helped me relax during pregnancy, perhaps not so much during the birth. They helped me find my "special place" which is imaginary and personal to you. I practiced going to that place during my pregnancy and felt myself there during labour. Sounds strange but true.

DD arrived after 6 days slow labour, 9 hours hard labour, 1 hour pushing, with a tens machine and a bit of gas and air.

As you might gather - I really recommend Natal Hypnotherapy! I'm so proud and pleased with my labour and birth.

PipIsOutNow Fri 24-Aug-12 22:05:39

Wow it sounds fantastic!!! Really worth looking further into then. I'd love a vbac so much and I'm hoping learning these techniques will help get my mind where it needs to be. Thanks so much for the replies!!! Really helpful smile

PKB Mon 27-Aug-12 00:31:58

There are lots of hypnobirthing books on Kindle too. Some come with hypnobirthing Audios which you can download onto your computer. Hypnobirthing is a great way to bring your baby into this world as it helps you stay in control and work with your body and be calm and relaxed.

howimetyourbrother Mon 27-Aug-12 18:47:46

I didn't do a formal hypnobirthing course before DS1 - just read Ina May's fab book and had in my mind thoughts of trying to relax and positive visualisation. Only hard bits were the car journey when I kept thinking don't come now and for a moment in transition feeling overwhelmed when I tensed. I was in awe of my body as I certainly never did any pushing it just took over! My midwife afterwards asked if I had done hypnobirthing and now I know about I will do for number 2. Thanks for all the links!

freedomfromdrudgery Tue 28-Aug-12 21:09:26

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wizzchick Tue 11-Sep-12 15:38:34

I can also highly recommend Paola Bagnall's book, 'Birth Made Easy'.

I did not discover this until after having two c-sections (one emergency shock and one planned hmm but I wish I had known about Paola's hypnobirthing services before either of these experiences.

I would urge anyone wishing to have a natural birth, or anyone with anxieties or concerns about birthing to read her book (available via Amazon). Paola also has a series of amazing MP3 downloads on relaxation and related areas.

noseynoonoo Tue 11-Sep-12 22:42:51

Your best course of action is to check out your local Certified HypnoBirthing Practioner - there is a list here:

I hope it all works out for you smile

Sally55 Tue 18-Sep-12 17:21:40

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Tiddlyompompom Wed 19-Sep-12 20:18:29

Hi OP, i did a HB course but didn't put the practise in - figured I'd really put the time in once I was on maternity leave. DS decided to turn up at 36wks, after a grand 3 days of ML! Oops.... smile

I didn't find the HB techniques very effective, but I put that 100% down to barely practising! I did only have Gas&Air tho, so mabe it helped.

My sister used it very successfully for her DC2 and DC3, no pain at all.

I'll def use it next time, and will start practising rather earlier next time....

Sally55 Fri 21-Sep-12 11:06:26

Hi, You defo need to practice Hypno to get the best benifets but ant little bit helps I see it as a midwife smile

jem1990 Sun 23-Sep-12 19:12:49

hi, im a midwife and mum of 3 hypnobirthing is the only way to give birth, for me its about a positive experience, as well as the hypnobirthing Institute there is also the hypnobirthing association which is the UK based one...
there is also natal hypno

to be honest they all work!

just do the one that suits you best


GreenLifeDiary Mon 24-Jun-13 12:20:00

We used hypnobirthing recently for the birth of our second son and the experience was nothing short of euphoric!! We have written a blog post which explains exactly what hypnobirthing is and hopefully in relation to this particular thread, people will find it very helpful and informative.

blondecat Mon 24-Jun-13 19:14:09

In my experience

Relaxation exercises - still help me fall asleep
Bonding with DH ( and afterwards I realized how much he loved me to sit through it with a straight face )

The 'natural' birth agenda - good and well if things go smoothly but setting up a potential guilt trip / sense of failure
- I was told my dd wasn't turning because i was scared of birth - turns out she was so tangled up with her cord she could not budge let alone turn
- my teacher was v disappointed when I got scheduled for c section and let me know this in no uncertain terms

Oh and by the way. One year later she sent me an email. Her baby was born. Via an emergency section. Both mother and baby were well smile but so much for 'if you relax your body will do the right thing' wink

MostlyCake Tue 25-Jun-13 08:59:52

We've been doing a hypnobirthing class locally - some areas offer the classes on the NHS so ask around and see if you can get on one. The private course was £250 but I found it really positive, calming and well worth the money.

I always swore I would never give birth naturally (since pre-teens!) and mainly through watching one born every minute had worked myself up into a bit of a panic about it all. The lcoal hospital is a midwife led unit so I had elected to go further afield to have doctors on site. At the end of the course I've completely changed my mind and am going to the midwife led unit, changed my mind completely on a CS and am feeling very positive and excited about the birth.

You really have to practice though. The visualisations help as does the relaxation CD - sends me to sleep every time! The book also talks about perineal masage which was touched on in the antenatal classes - basically you gently stretch the perineum from around 34 weeks to reduce the risk of tearing - there's more in the book - but use some lubricant and move your thumb in a U motion with the bottom of the U being towards your bum. Be gentle and only do it for 5 minutes at a time. The book says do it every day but i've also seen info which suggests even twice a week makes a big difference.

Some of the book I found a bit out there but the course teacher really put things into a 'British' perspective and they all seemd to make sense - it should almost be called 'sensible-birthing' as the core principle of relaxing, feeling safe and supported, creating a calm environment and not panicing are pretty central to any situation you're not quite familiar with.

One final thing - the course focussed on the natural way to give birth but one of the central tennants of the HB theory is to 'calmly meet whichever turn my birthing will take' so if things go off plan you are still able to stay relaxed and deal with things as they happen without panicing.

Bit of an essay but I would really recommend it!! Am 39+4 so will come back in a few weeks and let you know how it went!

Twattergy Tue 25-Jun-13 21:26:28

Hypno is great. I did course in Mongan method. It is no guarantee against a c section, I ended up having emergency cs. However, prior to that I took myself from 0 to 10 cm entirely at home, in peace, minimal discomfort, no intrusive assessments and no drugs, within 5ish hours. midwives very surprised when I arrived (I was so calm on phone they didn't believe I wad in established labour!). It gives you a relaxed, calm approach that is very empowering. 100%recommend.

FeelingHorse Thu 27-Jun-13 16:21:03

I also done a private course in Mongan Method - approx £190 for 6 weeks with my two birthing partners. It was amazing.

I practiced the relaxation methods every day as well as reading the book from around 20 weeks on wards (although I say start as early as possible!)

I gave birth 13 weeks ago, and it was amazing. I was calm throughout, I didn't moan/groan/scream at all. I didn't panic at any point from the first contraction to giving birth 72 hours later.

My two birthing partners were also amazing as they had done the course with me - they knew exactly what is was all about and were able to support me throughout. If they hadn't attended the course, I'm not entirely sure that they would have understood the method at all.

Beware of the books saying birth can be pain free. Mine wasn't pain free, it was certainly uncomfortable but I was able to have a natural pain relief free birth as I was relaxed and calm throughout.

I loved my hypnobirth and will do it again for DC2

FeelingHorse Thu 27-Jun-13 16:22:28

and YY to the MW not believing I was in established labour!

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