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First time with a homeopath......

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toyahsam Thu 18-Dec-03 15:05:18

I was 6 days overdue with my ds and am determined not to go over with this one, (have 2 days to duedate...) So have booked a consultation with a homeopath in the morning. Has anyone got any good/bad experiences they care to share as am quite nervous about it, but really don't want to go over... my nan is v.v.v.ill and she really wants to meet my baby while she can!!! Am newish to the board and would just like to add, have really enjoyed reading the conversations generally...wish I had found it in those first few weeks after my ds birth

pupuce Thu 18-Dec-03 21:09:52

I think a homeopath can do a world of good to you in your situation.... relax and talk to him/her.... I am sure they can help but do NOT forget.... getting into labour is also a mental situation... if you are very stressed or not (unconsciously) ready.... you might not.
Good luck and keep us posted !

Mummysurfer Thu 18-Dec-03 21:15:43

Relax and you'll enjoy your session. I've seen 2 homeopaths and both had the knack of making you very relaxed and i found myself talking to them as i would NEVER talk to anyone else.

Good luck

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