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Coming back to London to have baby- advice and thoughts please

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Minnieheehee Sat 07-Jul-12 07:47:03

Currently overseas and about to start trying for baby number 2. DH has suggested we come back for the birth (presuming we get preg of course) 4 things I'd appreciate anyone's thoughts and advice:
1. Experiences of Lindo/Chelsea etc (not considering Portland as if it goes tits up they transfer you to Mary's anyway)?
2. Anyone know how it works if you come back to the UK as in what these places expect? Will be having antenatal care overseas and then hopefully coming home at about 7.5 months pregnant
3. Also want to try for a VBAC - again any recommendations for consultants who would support this etc
4. Anybody on here done what we're intending to do?

ghislaine Sat 07-Jul-12 12:00:15

Hi Minnie

I haven't done exactly as you did, but I had a planned transfer from the NHS to private care at 35 weeks. It was very easy. I simply booked a delivery only package plus an extra antenatal appointment and brought my NHS notes to the first appointment.

In terms of a vbac, it's not hard to decode the consultants' websites! If you are thinking of someone in particular, you could search/start a thread on them here.

Btw, whoever told you that about the Portland was probably scaremongering or misinformed. The Portland has a NICU and SCBU for babies from 30 weeks and an HDU for adults. If you did need a transfer to an adult ICU, transfer is to the ICU at the London clinic, which is two streets away. Anyway, you can check all this out on their website. I had concerns about the ability of the Portland to deal with an emergency but when I asked my consultant about it, he said that he thought that I would get blood and assistance more quickly there than at UCLH, where he also works. I don't think I have ever seen anyone tell a poster not to go to UCLH because their emergency care might be lacking! I'm not trying to persuade you to change your mind, but it does annoy me to see these statements about the Portland trotted out as if they were facts rather than hearsay and rumours!

< dismounts from hobbyhorse >

Minnieheehee Mon 09-Jul-12 12:27:26

Thanks for this! Also interesting what you said about the Portland! We're over next month and want to visit a few hospitals. It maybe easier to have a c section ! Where did you go and how did you find it?

ghislaine Tue 10-Jul-12 21:21:01

I went to the Portland and had Pat O'Brien at the Harley St Centre for Women as my consultant. I wrote about my experiences here. It was a brilliant start to motherhood. All very easy to organise, even if my insurance co wasn't that helpful in clarifying the extent of the coverage.

I recommend you visit as many places as you can, they all have a different feel and emphasis - you need to find the one that suits you.

Homewarelondon Fri 17-Aug-12 12:25:25

Dear Ghislaine I have read your experiences since I got pregnant earlier this year, I have had few serious problems at 10 weeks, very scared then as the midwifes thought I was having a miscarriage after I collapsed in front of them, I was given blood and kept in hospital for few days.....and even now still very nervous zero apetite now at 15 weeks however so far the NHS has been very helpful, all consultants and the midwifes. I have been classified as high risk pregnancy so have been having more scans than usual and extra privately however I am paying a lot for it. I've decided to book an appointment with a private consultant at the Harley St Centre for Women, will see. I am insured with Aviva so will try to see how much they will cover me for as a c-section is absolutely necessary. But for now I just hope that everything continues smoothly. Not looking forward to deal with Aviva letters etc but will have to as my previous baby was delivered at St Thomas and I cry just by saying the name of the hospital, it was very very traumatic for me. Hopefully this time everything will be better. Any advice on how to contact Aviva will be much appreciated as I would like to have the c-section done at portland but not sure if now is too early to talk to the insurance. Please help.

midwifeEmma Fri 17-Aug-12 18:16:34

hi minnieheehee,
it might be worth contacting the unit and finding out what their caesareaction section rate and VBAC rate is like. from what i can gather, chelsea and westminster have one of the highest caesarean section rate, if not the highest, in the country (36.3% in 2011 with national average of 24.8%), but bare in mind they do take a lot of high risk women.

good luck in your decision,
Emma - midwife

Emmiedarling Sun 19-Aug-12 13:50:02

Not done what you intended to do, but did transfer to private.

I had a look around Chelsea, Lindo etc but I have plumped for The Portland.

I liked how attentive the staff seem to be - I have had my booking appointment, breast feeding advice and I adore my consultant who I've been phoning on his mobile with very niggle!

Goodluck x

ghislaine Sun 19-Aug-12 14:52:15

Homewarelondon, I'm sorry to hear you're having a hard time with this pregnancy. Here's the link to the thread where I discuss my experiences with Aviva.

In terms of what you need to do, you should first get a letter from your consultant explaining why a c-section is necessary. (I had two from different gynaecologists as my issue was gynaecological.) Then contact the Women's Health Unit at Aviva (ring the main claims no and ask to be put through to them, although they'll probably transfer you there anyway). They'll tell you who to send your letter to, and hopefully it won't take too long to get a decision on cover. I got a decision within two days of posting my info in. i did this around 15 weeks, it certainly wasn't too late. The extent of cover is sometimes a bit random - as you'll see from my thread, lots of things Aviva said they wouldn't cover, they did. But I don't think they would cover ante-natal care or consultant's fees in full.

Homewarelondon Tue 21-Aug-12 11:42:59

that is so helpful thanks so much, will start doing things now. Will keep you posted! Hope you are well! and thanks for a prompt response!!

Homewarelondon Wed 10-Oct-12 10:46:30

Dear ghislaine, I have met Mr O'Brien and followed your advice, thanks so much! Still high risk but things are developing well, thanks for the support.

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