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Losing weight after birth

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henrysmama2012 Fri 22-Jun-12 09:48:38

I know that losing weight is about the last thing in a persons mind after just having given birth!-but I thought it might be useful to pass on an experience that I had/am having. I am almost 13 weeks out from a c section and have eaten very healthily and after 7ish weeks, exercised (about 2-3 times a week) - aside from the initial big weightloss right after the birth, the scales literally stuck at the same place for about 6 weeks!-which made me realise that possible there are some hormonal shenanigans going on that actually could make it very easy for a bunch of weight to go back on again if I hadn't been so careful. Now the weight has really started shifting again (maybe hormones have properly settled down?) and weightloss is what I would call normal for the way I eat and workout. But I just wanted to pass on that observation as I'd have loved to have been aware of this before giving birth. I totally believe that it shouldn't be a priority to lose weight quickly!!-but I would have stressed less about the no movement on the scales had I known that this is probably fairly normal...

Newtothisstuff Fri 22-Jun-12 09:55:18

I'm 5 weeks after my 2nd section.. I've also been eating healthily, I've not really started exercising as yet but I'm taking the dog on long walks twice a day, I swear I'm getting fatter.. I'm hoping it's just gonna be stuck for a few weeks before it starts coming off again. Im only like 7lb off my pre pregnancy weight

Cheekychops84 Fri 22-Jun-12 11:00:11

i have heard (never had one myself mind) that having a c section means you hold onto water longer ?? but dont take my word for it ! also what exersise have you been doing if you dont mind me asking as i was thiking brisk walking in the first weeks?

PiggyMad Fri 22-Jun-12 11:23:17

I nearly 11 weeks after VB and my weight also seems to have stuck at about 10lbs above my pre-preg weight. It is quite depressing, but I am breastfeeding and apparently some people hold onto a bit of extra weight until they stop.

emsyj Fri 22-Jun-12 11:24:39

Are you breastfeeding? I clung on to all my weight until I stopped bf (when DD turned 1) and then I lost a stone in a week out of nowhere - it was bizarre. I then had to do a spot of dieting to get rid of the last stone.

MangoHedgehog Fri 22-Jun-12 11:29:45

I also found I couldn't lose any weight until I stopped bfing. Am currently 38wks+4 and have totally ballooned again sad and am vain/shallow enough to be already planning my diet/exercise regime for when baby has arrived - lots of salads and as much running as I can cope with!

QTPie Fri 22-Jun-12 13:36:07

Agree with you - there is little point in worrying at that stage.

I was very lucky and all my pregnancy (about 24lbs) weight came off two weeks after my ELCS. Then I continued to loose until I stopped breastfeeding (at 11 months) and ended up a stone less than pre-preg (am still 12lbs lighter and DS is 2 and 1/4).

Forget about weight and just concentrate on eating right and exercising right (or keeping active) and your body will take care of itself.

I think if weight is a concern, then the best thing is to eat healthily (and very little extra) and exercise during pregnancy: then anything put on is just baby weight or fat needed by the baby.


henrysmama2012 Fri 22-Jun-12 18:34:05

I stopped breastfeeding (health reasons) after a few was strange how the scales didn't move!-my diet is very healthy (when I say diet I mean what I am eating, which is v healthy not a crazy 'diet', if you get what I mean)-and I am doing 45mins and some dumbbell exercises when I do work out...but the scales not moving all that time was very demotivating!-& I realised how easy it might be for some of us that experience this to actually put on weight during that time. I couldn't work out hardly at all during pregnancy as I was so tired and out of breath, else I would have done!smile

henrysmama2012 Fri 22-Jun-12 18:34:46

Ps 45 mins cross trainer level 10-ish, that was meant to say!

alvinareagan Sun 14-Feb-16 22:21:35

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