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Giving Bith at the Knutsford Suite at Watford - any 2012 views?

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FatimaAli Thu 19-Dec-13 06:26:43

Anyone had experience of delivering twins or multiples at Watford General?

I am looking to book a private room at Knutsford suite and would any suggestions would be very much appreciated.

Is the ward fully equipped to deal with multiples and God forbid, any unforeseen complications? Really anxious to know!

Thanks a lot!

Pusspuss1 Sun 05-May-13 16:40:50

They do let partners stay overnight, at a price - I think it's about £200 a night.

mimmum Mon 18-Feb-13 00:05:50

Sorry not a question but a statement

mimmum Mon 18-Feb-13 00:04:50

My husband stayed with me the first night on the knutsford?


Hi Guys
Due to the extortionate costs that can escalate at The Lindo Wing, Im looking into The Knutsford Suite in Watford for a slightly more reasonable alternative.
The choice of consultants seems a far smaller list, and I would rather have my husband stay with me on the first night which isnt allowed in Knutsford. Im wondering if, left in a room on my own all night, if there will be on hand midwives/guidance to ease the anxiety. Any advice on the comparables or things to consider would be appreciated.

ghislaine Thu 21-Jun-12 14:48:45

I found this which might be helpful:

I had my DD at the ABC unit, as Hannah said the care whilst in labour was fantastic, I maybe slightly biased as I have a number of friends who are midwives there too. But Post Natal ward wasn't great, I should have paid for a private room down there. Too many people coming and going at all hours, I slept very badly and spent a lot of time trying to keep DD quiet so I wouldn't disturb others at night, in between new mums and babies being wheeled in. I still remember how tired I was on going home.

The Knutsford suite sounds lovely. Go for it envy smile

Fantasydays Wed 20-Jun-12 19:52:04

The post natal care in the Knutsford is not NHS, the midwives are dedicated to the Knutsford and the post natal care is completely private. I had both of mine privately and couldn't recommend it highly enough. The room was lovely, the midwives came in every 2 hours throughout the night to check on us and to help with breastfeeding, they responded immediately to any requests and it was money very well spent.

mimmum Mon 18-Jun-12 22:05:33

I used room only on knutsford suite after my nhs elcs and thought the care was v good. There was always 2 midwifes in office in the suite and they seemed to be exclusively for the knutsford. When ever I called a midwife for help, they responded v quickly. I got all my pain medication on schedule. The room was v comfortable and it was nice to have the ensuite. Overall I thought it was money v well spent.

HannahBerry Mon 18-Jun-12 21:10:29

sorry if there is any confusion. if you book in as room only the postnatal care is nhs. obviously for the actual birth you will have private care x

Bagofholly Mon 18-Jun-12 16:07:51

An alternative if you're coming from Herts/N London is the Portland. Very lovely post natal care!

Bagofholly Mon 18-Jun-12 16:06:18

Sorry to question you Hannah but areyou sure about that? That wasn't at all what I was led to believe when I enquired - they said that they had their own staff! Otherwise what's the point?

HannahBerry Mon 18-Jun-12 09:59:20

The postnatal care is NHS, so effectively you are paying for a hotel room, with better food..but a QUIET hotel room... which you may consider priceless!

You may find, as with the all the NHS, there is a shortage of care. I recently (3 weeks ago) gave birth at Watford and stayed on the postnatal ward. The ABC and later delivery suite midwives were very very good, albeit IMO inexperienced (young), although I did have an older midwife later on who was a life saver in many ways.

The postnatal ward is a nightmare as there is little chance of sleep, the night midwives/ care assistants seemed indifferent but the ward midwives were excellent, but really only had time to see you upon discharge.

So all in all, do not expect better care, just a nicer room!

CherryBlossom27 Mon 18-Jun-12 09:37:46

I had my DS on the ABC at Watford and they were great, not sure about the Knutsford Suite though but I think they would be good based on the ABC?

WheathampsteadMum Mon 18-Jun-12 09:36:28

Hello, we're new to the area and I'm looking at the Knutsford Suit at Watford for the birth of our second baby by ECS. Does anyone have recent experience of it? My first birth was total nightmare only made worse by the nonexistant post natal care in South London so I really want to make a positive choice this time.


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