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Independent midwives - North London

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sarahhl Thu 19-May-16 12:35:22

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JenJam Tue 21-Feb-06 00:50:42

also cerys i recall that some of the midwives at uch seemed to be a bit put out about me having a doula attend. But my view was tough luck. it's your birth experience you have WHAT YOU WANT. Also the doula I had was fantastic at negotiating with the staff on my behalf.

I still had to go hospital to have all my antenatal check ups but i had quite a straightforward pregnancy so didn't feel i needed much more than i got in terms of the NHS antenatal care i received. UCH is a very good hospital, i think. and for me it was all about the BIRTH. The doula will attend to you at home before the birth, during early labour and again after the birth when you are getting to grips with your brand new sparkly snuffly baby and heavy boobs

JenJam Tue 21-Feb-06 00:43:14

cerys36 - why do you want an independent midwife?
and what kind of birth are you after
I gave birth at uch last november. I wanted a non-interventionist birth and i got what i wanted in the birthing centre part (didn't want to go on the labour ward).

in the last couple of weeks before the birth i began to have bad dreams and worried that i wouldn't be in control so i hired a doula. she was GREAT! her support made ALL the difference...while the UCH midwives made notes in my antenatal book she lit candles, massaged my cocxyxx, guided my partner to help relax my shoulders, made sure i had food/energy, held back on teh pain relief options so i had somewhere 'to go' later, argued the case for me to have a water birth (UCH midwives said i wouldn't be allowed to use the waterbath as i had had a bleed earlier in the day).

i did initially think about having an independent midwife right at the early stage but i understood that if your midwife attends at a hospital they are not able to actually deliver the baby, they would attend and support you but wouldn't be able to be as 'hands on' as perhaps you would like (and for hte money you are spending)

I think having a doula was incredibly good value for money - it's about 1/3 of the investment of having an indie midwive.

But all this is just my experience. I could recommend the doula who helped me if you CAT me. She lives in Putney, she's about 45-50 and had attended 20-25 odd births in last 12 months.

good luck and CONGRATULATIONS!

RedZuleika Sat 18-Feb-06 22:34:43

At least you'd be able to spread out... (midwives to bring their own waterwings)

Nonyummymummy Sat 18-Feb-06 22:28:50

That would put a whole new perspective on water births

RedZuleika Sat 18-Feb-06 22:22:49

Right. I know she had one client who lived on a houseboat. It came up because I'd read of some NHS midwives being prevented from attending home births on boats. Presumably they couldn't be trusted not to fall in the canal...

Nonyummymummy Sat 18-Feb-06 22:16:36

Sorry - nothing that exotic I'm afraid. Home is a townhouse in Enfield

RedZuleika Sat 18-Feb-06 22:11:56

(slight aside from thread)

Nonyummymummy: were you the person with the houseboat??

Nonyummymummy Sat 18-Feb-06 22:06:27

I too used North London Midwifery for the birth of DD in Sep 04 and she was marvellous. I was very nervous about the whole process but she put me at my ease. I had hoped for a homebirth but that didn't work out and I had to transfer into hospital for a c section due to lack of progress (dd was 9 4 so that might have had something to do with it!). Once there my MW was a fantastic advocate and also a wonderful support in the early weeks.

RedZuleika Sat 18-Feb-06 21:22:00

You can look here for practitioners in North London. I used North London Midwifery and can thoroughly recommend. Although you obviously have to find someone you like, which is a personal preference (professional competence aside).

I don't think that independent midwives are covered by insurance to practise in NHS hospitals, so that if one attends you (and I have been told by consultants that they are happy to have them there), she will not officially be your midwife.

I was shocked, during my pregnancy, by the unprofessional level of hostility demonstrated by some NHS staff about independent midwives. It's ridiculous - it's not as though they've come riding over the horizon singing 'Rawhide'. I think it's annoyance that you've dared to act autonomously.

I ended up (after a long and valiant effort!) having an emergency Caesarean as the child had turned and just wasn't going anywhere. My midwife insisted on coming into theatre with me (which they initially threw a hissy fit about, as my husband was already attending), visited me each day on the post-natal ward and was invaluable in establishing breast-feeding. Gold dust... (and it's pretty nice not having to leave your home for ante-natal appointments... )

suzywong Sat 18-Feb-06 15:37:18

Call up the Active Birth Centre in Archway, number shoud be in the book or google them. They'll know

Cerys36 Sat 18-Feb-06 15:35:59

I am considering using an Independent Midwife and live in Camden, North London. Does anyone have any experience of any IM's they would recommend?
Also, I have been referred to the Elizabeth Garrett Anderson at UCH by my GP - does anyone know what their attitude is to independent midwives if I end up going into hospital? Haven't really decided yet about the home/hospital birth thing - first pg, 6 weeks (due Oct).

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