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ventouse within a c-section

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AlpinePony Thu 29-Mar-12 11:33:00

<rings outside UK bell>

I had an elcs six weeks ago, it was a small fight to get it and I used the RCOG guidelines and the hospital's own evidence to suggest I was a poor candidate for a VBAC.

The elcs itself was a little more "violent" than my emcs and my husband told me the two surgeons actually banged heads with the wrestling they were doing.

My abdomen was left very bruised and my me told me (when visiting home) that it was amongst the worst bruising she'd ever seen and the notes suggested he'd never have made it out vaginally and she said "good call on elcs" (incidentally 2 other mw's were kind of mean - even after!).

That aside I've healed well, driving, horseriding etc.

This morning at my 6 week check up I found out they had to use ventouse to get him out as he was so stuck (back to back and brow presentation).

I actually feel quite shaken up by this and quite revolted at the thought of the butcher's job which would've been done on me if they'd pressed for VBAC.

Does anyone have any experience of this? What are your stories? I've tried googling but couldn't find anything.

SootySweepandSue Thu 29-Mar-12 11:35:29

No personal experience but a friends baby took 45 minutes to be born via c-section. He was wedged in under her ribs (breech) so I think it can depend on baby's position.

ShowOfHands Thu 29-Mar-12 11:39:57

DD was in deep transverse arrest and asynclitic (facing the wrong way, ear coming first). I had an 8hr 2nd stage with two surgeons swearing and sweating with effort during the eventual emcs. The 8hrs of pushing/ventouse/attempted rotation tore her scalp, quite seriously bruised her head and caused some (correctable) muscle damage.

2nd emcs straightforward.

tethersend Thu 29-Mar-12 12:16:42

DD1 was breech and delivered by elcs- no problems getting her out, but bled a lot.

She was only discovered to be breech because I demanded a scan at 37 weeks- I too often wonder how it would have panned out had I been left to deliver naturally.

Anyway, having DD2 by elcs in a few weeks (didn't have to fight to get one at all, which was great) so will report back grin

By the way- congratulations smile

tethersend Thu 29-Mar-12 12:17:15

<waves at SoH>

ShowOfHands Thu 29-Mar-12 12:29:09

<moons tethers>


Everything tickety boo?

tethersend Thu 29-Mar-12 12:52:12

<tries to moon back>

<gets tights stuck>

<falls over>

All fine, SoH. All fine. Enormous and panicky, but all fine grin


ShowOfHands Thu 29-Mar-12 13:00:02

We all have the plague. You probably noticed the pustules during the elegant mooning. Otherwise, mustn't grumble.

Panicky is sort of good. Means you're processing the magnitude of the situation. Betcha not enormous. I was enormous while pg. Other women bloom. I suspect you look rather lovely.

tethersend Thu 29-Mar-12 15:13:14

Oh god, I am blooming all over the shop. It's not pretty. I am not looking lovely.

DP and I got an attack of the Whatthefuckarewedoings a couple of weeks back, and they've not really lifted. I have decided to wallpaper the kitchen.

I saw the pustules- those are medieval. Wishing you better. <chucks posy>

Highlander Thu 29-Mar-12 18:18:48

DS1 was a star gazing oblique lie and needed ventouse to haul him out. Imhadmto persuade the consultant for an ELCS (had a funny feeling that he would have a big head), but she said afterward that there was no way he could have been born vaginally.

I was abit bruised but recovered really quickly. Went for a 2 mile walk on day 5.

1944girl Thu 29-Mar-12 19:50:08

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

CupOfBrownJoy Thu 29-Mar-12 19:57:07

<waves at Alpine>

Nothing useful to add, sorry, but it sounds horrendous and well done for making such a good recovery...


AlpinePony Sat 31-Mar-12 07:27:17

Thank you for sharing your stories, I feel better about the whole thing now, it's all just a bit of a "thank goodness for modern medicine". I've also been told of another woman just three weeks ago who had Forceps inside her section, so it seems it does happen.

Skiptonlass Thu 26-May-16 17:30:57

I know this is an old thread but I recognise some of the names on it so hope you don't mind me bringing it back from the dead!

Is this rare? Ds had to be hoovered out with the ventouse... I did ask why after but they just said he was a bit stuck - I had no idea this wasn't a common occurrence!
If you've had subsequent births were there issues? Does this mean id have had a bad time at a VB? Is vbac contraindicated? Any complications for the baby as a result?

Flisspaps Thu 26-May-16 17:51:08

Skipton you might be better off starting a new thread as you'll end up with loads of responses to the OP smile

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