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Raised ALT levels in blood, does this mean induction?

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OP can I ask what your ALT levels were please? Mine are 76 and my bile acids are 56. Have been told I'm being induced at 38 weeks due to OC.

PickledLily Mon 12-Mar-12 09:30:16

amoury, not amory! Blinkin' US spell check wink

PickledLily Mon 12-Mar-12 09:28:53

Thanks tartan. Interesting to hear your experience and that of your friends. I wonder if she was pretty close to going into labour anyway?

Whilst I feel confident (well, positive at least) that I could get through a natural birth (I feel like i have an armory of tactics to help relieve pain, although I'm not going to beat myself up if I can't manage it!), I don't think they would get me through the intensity of being induced and in fact I probably wouldn't be able to use most of them as I expect they'd glue me to the bed/machines that go ping.

Off for monitoring today, so let's see what they say.

thetartanexplorer Sun 11-Mar-12 15:12:38

Good that they're monitoring you closely.

With me, the doctors weighed up giving me an emergency c-section immediately, as my ALT levels were extremely high. In the end they decided to induce me, which I was pleased about at the time as I wanted to have a go at as natural a birth as possible. But I ended up having a pretty tough time and having a c-section anyway. So in retrospect I wish I had just gone for a c-section at an earlier stage (they more or less gave me the option). But a friend who was induced due to pre-eclampsia around the same time managed a vaginal birth perfectly well. So induction isn't always a bad option.

I went for an epidural almost as soon as the contractions kicked in, as they were incredibly intense. I only wish I had let the epidural wear off a little before I reached the pushing stage so I could actually feel the urge to push. I do feel as though this might have changed the outcome for me (ie being rushed for an emergency c-section after a pretty fruitless hour and a half of pushing).

Good luck!

PickledLily Sun 11-Mar-12 10:47:28

Thanks for replying; I was beginning to think no one else has ever had this!

I think the levels are only slightly raised, but going up. I've no other symptoms other than high blood pressure. The registrar wants to see me again tomorrow, for more bloods, monitoring, maybe a liver scan confused. She seems happy to monitor for another week or so (assuming nothing changes), but keeps mentioning induction, which i really, really want to avoid. I'd rather have a c-section if I can't have a natural birth, which is why I wondered what path others in my situation ended up taking.

thetartanexplorer Sun 11-Mar-12 07:42:59

Have you seen the registrar yet? Have they told you how much your ALT levels are raised by? I had ALT levels off the scale at 36 weeks. Was diagnosed with pre-eclampsia and induced. I didn't have raised blood pressure or protein in urine, but did have swollen fingers and ankles and was seeing some flashing lights.

I don't want to worry you unduly, but do make sure you see someone at the hospital as soon as possible and let them know if you have any other possible symptoms of pre-eclampsia.

PickledLily Sat 10-Mar-12 19:53:48

Bump smile

Anybody else with high ALT?

PickledLily Sat 10-Mar-12 13:45:07

Am 36wks, came into labour ward to have high blood pressure checked (all back to normal thanks to some drugs), but now waiting for registrar to see me as I have raised ALT levels. Having Googled it (oh how i love smart phones!) i assuming they are concerned about reduced liver function.
Anyone had experience of this and did it dictate how you gave birth? Am terrified they are you going to recommended early induction, which i desperately want to avoid.

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