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I want to give birth abroad In Ireland

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poochy33 Sun 01-Jan-12 20:37:56

Am new here hope its not too long winded.

I want to have my baby in the Republic of Ireland as I need the support of my family around me. All our families live in Ireland. I was born there so hold Irish passport etc. I moved to the UK from Ireland 6 & half years ago. I am pregnant with my second child; the first will be 22 months when I am due. I did have the 1st in the UK, I had emergency CS so was delighted to have my parents over to me for 2 weeks.

This time round due to family commitments/issue they will not be able to come over to help & support us so would love to give birth there. I need their support more than ever to look after no.1 while I settle with no.2. My husband is self employed so can only really afford to take time off while I?m in hospital and a couple of days when I?m home.

As I am not considered an ?ordinarily resident? in Ireland I can not go for the state care there which is free for all pregnant women who are resident. There is no way I could pay a colossal private fee. However I have read on NHS website about the S2 form that can allow people to have treatment abroad. My questions are:

Has anyone gone back to their motherland just to have baby? (I would hope to move back at around 32 weeks so will have NHS care until then, than come back to UK around 10 weeks later with baby.)

Is the S2 form granted for personal reasons like mine or is my application likely to be rejected?

If anyone has any suggestions or advice would be much appreciated. Thanks

wilkos Sun 01-Jan-12 20:44:55

what a faff. get them to come to you.

what is all the stuff about family commitments? YOU are a family commitment! you are having a baby!

ladywithnomanors Sun 01-Jan-12 20:45:41

Sorry I have no clue with regard to you getting free treatment in Ireland though as you're Irish surely they can't refuse you?
I have however given birth in the UK and Ireland. I had my 2nd child in Galway and the midwives who looked after me during labour were exellent - though the antenatal and postnatal care left a lot to be desired.

Could you not say that you will be resident in Ireland for a period of say 3 months for personal reasons - they aren't to know that you'll be returning to the UK.
Also with my 3rd child I moved back to the UK when I was about 6 months pregnant and easily transferred my antenatal care when I got to the UK.

Garliccheesechips Sun 01-Jan-12 20:46:34

You should contact the HSE for more information. However my belief is that unless you are an ordinary resident- or intend to live there for a year- then you are not covered. It might be different if you are a citizen however which is why I advise you to check with the the executive. Ireland does not have an NHS as you are probably aware..

Flisspaps Sun 01-Jan-12 20:49:42

Seems a lot of faff to me - your DH will miss out entirely on your newborn too sad lots of people manage without their family, and surely if they have commitments over there, you won't get constant support anyway - and you'll have a toddler who not only has a new baby to deal with, but new surroundings and no time with Daddy either.

poochy33 Sun 01-Jan-12 20:52:18

Hi Ladywithnomanors, Thanks yes I was thinking I could say I have to move back for personal reasons as feel I have paid my taxes etc there for 10 years so deserve treatment as much as any other resident there. But if I can take the honest route I will smile Its good to know the transfer of care from both countries will be smooth.

poochy33 Sun 01-Jan-12 20:53:26

hi wilkos if I could get them to come over here I would not have bothered to post. thanks

poochy33 Sun 01-Jan-12 20:57:58

Hi Flisspaps my husband works alot but if we know I moving over we will book cheap flights in advance so he can come over at weekends. he will come over when baby is born too & I will be back in Uk two weeks after birth. I know I could manage without my family but am asking the question as if it is something I can do I want to do it smile

poochy33 Sun 01-Jan-12 21:01:27

hi garlicecheesechips, thanks I am going to ring the local health commissioner on Tuesday and ask if possible.

Northernlurker Sun 01-Jan-12 21:02:44

I think this is not a great idea tbh. What if you or baby is ill - you could be there for weeks. I don't really get how your dh can afford 5 or 6 flights but not more than a day or two off? Why not stay put and spend the flight money on domestic help? Or is there something else going on?

Neuromantic Sun 01-Jan-12 21:03:03

Ok, I'm Irish and can tell you that if you are an Irish citizen you will not be asked any questions, for forms or anything else. All you need is an Irish doctor to refer you to a maternity hospital or unit.
You know how it is here, there may be actual rules but who cares? Its about reality not technicalities! wink

KenDoddsDadsDog Sun 01-Jan-12 21:05:23

Are you not covered under your European healthcard? I ended up in the Rotunda in Dublin for a while while pregnant and didn't have to pay. The care was amazing for new mothers compared to here. The midwives were looking after the babies so the mothers could sleep and eat!

Mollydoggerson Sun 01-Jan-12 21:06:20

It might be cheaper/easier to look into other options, like an aupair for 8 weeks.

poochy33 Sun 01-Jan-12 21:08:25

no northernlurker nothing else going on! hope to get cheap flights with ryanair you know how it is! If there is any complications in pregnancy would definitely not go.

poochy33 Sun 01-Jan-12 21:11:17

thanks neuromatic sounds good, I know there are definitely some gps who would refer me but hope mine is not strict. I'll give my old doctors reception a ring & suss it out. cheers smile

Garliccheesechips Sun 01-Jan-12 21:12:48

Ryanair is shocking at the best of times....

Admittedly the logistics are a bit shock but where there's a will there's a way.

Good luck

poochy33 Sun 01-Jan-12 21:13:01

thanks kenDoddsDadsDog, I know the EHIC would cover care while there but not the birth. The Rotunda sounds great. Cheers smile

Neuromantic Sun 01-Jan-12 21:15:24

If your own GP is an arse you can go to a walk in clinic instead, and they will do the letter. Its easy when you are paying, not like the UK.

poochy33 Sun 01-Jan-12 21:15:57

thanks mollydoggerson, that is a good suggestion but dont know if I could deal with living with a stranger after having the baby. thanks though smile

poochy33 Sun 01-Jan-12 21:19:59

true true neuromantic thanks smile I hope to go home in March would love to have it all sorted then if they agree to do it smile smile

KenDoddsDadsDog Sun 01-Jan-12 21:22:14

I think the NMH in Holles Street is supposed to be better in terms of facilities. But the staff at the Rotunda were amazing. They were telling me that mothers are very tired and they should enjoy a week in hospital to be looked after! I didn't appreciate what they meant, til I had a forceps birth and about 12 hours to recover before I was sent into the snow!
Good luck!

Hogmanayhoneyblossom Sun 01-Jan-12 21:25:56

Maybe get a maternity nurse instead?

Neuromantic Sun 01-Jan-12 21:26:55

Whats with all the suggestions for maternity nurses and au pairs? Since when is that the same as being surrounded by your family confused

Maryz Sun 01-Jan-12 21:29:24

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

poochy33 Sun 01-Jan-12 21:30:02

thanks KenDoddsDadsDog, sound like it was very sore sad and you were let out way too soon. Thanks for input take care smile

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