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What does a rectocele or anal fissures feel like?

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HeidiHJ Fri 31-May-13 14:04:28

I had my son 22 months ago and still suffering from fissures, I just had THD surgery for internal hemmroids that never went away cuz i pushed for bout 3 hours.
i had an episiotomy which extended and i believe i got stitched up too tight sad My muscles in my whole perenium keeps spasming and tightening all the time without my control, it keeps causing fissure to come back and never heal, i guess ill need to take stool softeners for the rest of my life then..intercourse with my husband is ok, we just have to use lots of I dont know what to do, its my first child and this has put me off to have another one.

ecospiral Tue 14-May-13 01:33:12

LuSmithTheMyth, did you ever figure out what your ailment was or is?
I have the same thing.... I'm thinking it's a smushed wall between the rectum and vagina.
Rectal and shallow vaginal kegels did help but I'm left with the pains.

freckly12 Thu 23-Feb-12 05:36:07

I have suffered for years with a persistant anal fissure. sad

its awful and hasnt healed obviously as each time you need to go to the loo, it gets reopened. I bleed practically every time and it stings and sometimes it hurts sitting down or the odd pressure on your bum! blush

Meglet- i did get the botox done, it worked for a while but am abck to square 1. its so frustrating!!

I think im just living with this constantly.

OP- what you describe doesnt sound like A.Fissure to me....

I have IBS but again those symptoms arent quite usual. Could you be allergic to sometrhign you are eating and its causing this?
Hope you feel better soon!

Namaste19 Wed 22-Feb-12 17:17:37

I have experienced exactly what you describe, including the "aching" symtoms. I had an anal fissure and hemorrhoids. I did not have bleeding as you might expect but the pain was unbelievable. My primary care physician couldn't figure it out so he sent me to a specialist...the dreaded Proctologist. He took one look and scheduled me for surgery that week. Surgery was no fun but then again, neither is walking around is such agony all the time. After recovery, which took less time than you might think, I have never had another problem. PLEASE go to a specialist and get it taken care of. You will be very glad you did. Good luck.

LuSmithTheMyth Sat 24-Dec-11 22:34:49

Thanks, I dont think so either, but my hemmorhoids hurt/burn from the straining I've been doing lately sad I just hope it doesn't get worse. I wish that I could just be seen to properly by a good doctor who will give me an answer.

fruitybread Sat 24-Dec-11 22:24:44

FWIW, your symptoms to me don't sound like anal fissure. I have had them before, during and after birth (they didn't get any worse after birth as I had a planned CS and no VE's or vaginal 'stress') -

Anal fissures are exactly what they say - think about a cut in skin of your anus, or chapping. It's basically a sore or tear which doesn't heal and which can extend into the skin and muscle of your anus. It can feel like a paper cut - or a paper cut plus lemon juice - or a lit cigarette which means you cannot sit still or rest. It is very hard to heal because that area is stressed and stretched every time you have to poo, and is further damaged by wiping etc.

So it's a bugger. However, I don't think your main symptoms are a fissure. Fissure pain is very much about pain in the anus, nowhere else, before, during and after a bowel movement. You'd often see some bright red blood on wiping.

Xyloproct is a local anaesthetic cream containing lidocaine which I have found very effective for pain relief and healing. Laxatives are a bad idea - they lead to frequent liquid and explosive poos which aggravate fissures. You would need a stool softener (which is NOT a laxative) like Ducloease. This gives you large soft poos, which is what you want with a fissure. I'm only adding this in case someone with fissure problems reads this thread - OP, you sound like you have some very uncomfortable problems, and I do hope you get them sorted out, but to me, it really doesn't sound like anal fissure is the main problem.

Meglet Sat 24-Dec-11 22:05:59

Fissures hurt like nothing else. I keep getting them as I have IBS.

I'm afraid the only thing I've found that helps is really cutting back on food and only eating the bare mininium sad. My consultant wants to botox it but there's the risk of anal incontinence, and I would rather die than let that happen.

There are creams for fissures, one of them gives you a splitting headache (I lasted on day on that) and the other one is dialitzem (sp?) cream, which I'm not sure is working. There are good suppositorites for piles, I think they're called Prosectodyl.

I've had a colonoscopy for my 'IBS' but it's all clear. So I have an endoscopy next month.

LuSmithTheMyth Sat 24-Dec-11 22:04:21

Perhaps not a fissure then, I was just wondering to rule that out, she didn't seem to say anything regarding one when she checked. Maybe I do need laxatives for a little longer but it burns my hemmorhoids too because makes me go too much! sad I'll just probably go back to the doctor after Christmas to see what else can be done as it's getting on my nerves!

lucky24 Sat 24-Dec-11 21:54:58

No experience of hemmorhoids or rectocele but i had an annual fissure after having DS. It just felt like a cut deep inside, it would be sore during a bowl movement but also now and again through out the day. When the GP checked me it was very sore for hours after as they must have pressed on the fissure reopening it. I was on laxatives for a few months (too enable the fissure to heal without anything to solid passing it to reopen it again) and have been fine since. So laxatives for a few month may be the answer.

But what you describe does not match my experience of a fissure. So not much use to you.

LuSmithTheMyth Sat 24-Dec-11 21:12:48

I've managed to request a referral to a gynae though I have no idea what their plan is, I'm guessing they're just gonna check all is well - but my doctors are adament that I have no bowel issues that can't be dealt with with laxatives sad I'll probably go back to the docs anyway and tell them I'm not living on laxatives every time I need to go!

first1 Sat 24-Dec-11 20:58:10

Sorry to be graphic but I've heard a big symptom of rectoceles is getting relief by putting pressure on the vagina/perineum in order to have a successful bowel movement. Either way, you're right, you shouldn't be in pain and I know many doctors who doubt where Ibs is an actual diagnosis these days, it's something readily labelled on people. I suggest you have a fab Xmas and new year then get back down the gp for a referral to a gynae and/or colorectal team x

LuSmithTheMyth Sat 24-Dec-11 20:12:12

I'm not sure if what I'm suffering is just hemmorhoids and constipation or if I have a rectocele or something?

My symptoms are annoying, I've got lower back pain, rectal pain, constant aching in my rectum, a feeling of incomplete evacuation, vaginal pressure and down my perineum and sometimes my legs/thighs get achey too... I've been told I'm constipated by the doctor (one felt my abdomen and said I hadn't emptied myself and then a few weeks later I had a GP give an internal (just using fingers) but whenever I do go its always a bit loose and sticky (not watery) and doesn't feel done iygwim! I've been told IBS and things but I'm not too happy with the fact I just have laxatives and thats it, I'm sure she would have felt if I would have a rectocele as such because she put her fingers in there and I'm not bleeding so I'm not sure about fissures... however I definitely have hemmorhoids which are still there 11 weeks pp and have no idea how to make them disappear! Annoying!

I just wanted to know if anyone had any experience with any of my symptoms and could shed some light as sometimes the pain and aching gets really severe!

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