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Anyone given burth at Luton & Dunstable hospital?

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Jemma7 Fri 07-Nov-03 16:37:03

Just wondering as this is where i will be giving birth in July should everything go OK!

Wondered what others experiences there were although i know there are only a few MN'ers from around here!

Jemma7 Fri 07-Nov-03 16:37:45

God, it would help if i could spell!

I meant "Birth"

lou33 Sun 09-Nov-03 13:32:36

I had one at the L&D, and one at home Jemma, both in Luton, though I should've had another there but was on holiday when she arrived. Generally I hate the place, BUT Mr Griffiths, my consultant is wonderful, the community midwives I had (for Bushmead) were fantastic, and my hospital experience was ok. I was induced at 36 weeks, which is why I had a hospital delivery. I'm not sure what you want to know exactly, but ask away and I will try to answer any questions!

karenanne Sun 09-Nov-03 13:51:08

hi jemma...i too have had 1 at the l+d and due another in december.had an emergency c section .any info you need ask away

Jemma7 Mon 10-Nov-03 09:04:02

Just wondered what the conditions were like really!
I know providing everything is OK your stay there isn't very long but living in Luton all my life i imagine it to me awful & dirty.

lou33 Mon 10-Nov-03 11:42:27

Well from a cleanliness point of view it seemed alright. Could be better but could be a lot worse. The cleaners seemed to be around non stop from what i can remember! After ds2 was born we went to a shared ward, with 6 beds, and went home the next day. However we had to go back again a week later when ds2 had jaundice, and they put us into a side room all on our own (yipee!) because he had to go in a bilibed. Side rooms are definitely better! The 6 bedders were ok tho.

Ikwym about it being dirty though, I don't rate the rest of the hospital at all.

Swedes Sun 08-Feb-09 14:58:16

I had a cervical stitch at L & D and I think it's a truly excellent hospital. I had temporary care from an excellent obstetric consultant there named Peter Reid. I spent the whole of my pregnancy wishing he was my consultant and that I was delivering at L&D but it all worked out fine in the end.

If I had another baby I would opt for L&D without hesitation. Apparently (and quite ridiculously) lots of people from Harpenden are snooty about having Luton on their child's birth certificate. But I think that's changing as it now seems to be Harpenden's birthing hospital of choice.

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it based on my operation and overnight stay there.

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