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repair to episiotomy scar

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nearlyreadytopop Tue 25-Oct-11 12:31:52

I had an emergency forceps delivery 17 weeks ago. I have a 4cm scar that has healed with a lot of excess tissue. At the 6 week appointment the GP referred me to the local gynae clinic as it was causing a lot of pain. She thinks they will probably remove the scar tissue and restitch. I finally got the appointment date and because Im a bundle of nerves about it made the mistake of asking a midwife at the bf support group about the procedure. She says that because I'm young (31) and its a first baby that they wont do anything about it. Her advice was lube and maybe a glass of wine and that the next baby would sort everything outhmm!! However I really dont know if I will have another baby and tbh the way the pain is at the moment the chances are pretty slim blush
So the gynae appointment is tomorrow and I want to prepare myself and to be as well informed as possible. What can I expect?

TheMonster Wed 26-Oct-11 09:17:22

I suspect the midwife's advice was a bit tongue in cheek.

I sympathise. I has a ventouse birth and DS is 5 (tomorrow). Sex is still painful and not worth the effort! If you can face it, get it sorted.

goodnightmoon Wed 26-Oct-11 10:36:34

try searching here on "Fentons procedure." Quite a few people have had this to fix their episiotomies. Mine was a total success. Before it, sex was just not possible. I've seen less chat about what happens in a subsequent birth though. For that and other, more serious reasons it looks like I'm having a c-section. At the time of having the procedure, no one mentioned what might happen in another pregnancy so it's a good question to ask (the right people!)

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