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Midwife in Hitchin - help needed for a pg mum!

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BellaCB Tue 25-Oct-11 11:09:33

Need some help from anyone who saw their midwife through a Hitchin GP!

We've just bought a house in Hitchin and should be moving in mid-Nov, at which point I will be about 31w, so I'd like to talk to a midwife now if possible and find out where I stand in order to see them asap once I'm in. So if anyone can help with details, numbers, advice how it works (is it through the GP, or do you have to go to the Lister to see a midwife?) I'd be very very grateful!

(I've posted this on the pg thread as well, but I wanted to cover all bases to try and find someone who can help)

babloogirl Tue 25-Oct-11 13:28:59


Congratulation on your pregnancy and moving to hitchin!

I also moved to Hitchin when I was about 30weeks pregnant my little girl is now nearly 3 weeks,

What I would advice you to do, is as soon as you can, go to register to the surgery (Portmill surgery in the town centre), once you are registered (after you have been seen by a nurse) and then you will be able to have an appointment with the midwife (usually the time frame is about a week or 2).

My midwife was Diane she is lovely but I have also met a few others and they have all been wonderful.

Like you I was worried to change my midwife, but the transition was really smooth smile

Good luck, any questions, I am here to help.

BellaCB Tue 25-Oct-11 16:19:41

Thanks Babloogirl! I might try and give the GP a call and see if I can have a chat first, I'm just getting a bit nervous about my 32w appt as my midwife here is south London has really concerned me about missing appts and the need for Herts to take new bloods etc - nothing like a midwife to calm you down, eh?

Congrats on your little girl! How are you finding Hitchin as a place to be as a new mum?

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