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First timer and induction looming - positive thoughts please :)

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Beesok Mon 24-Oct-11 23:51:04

Hi everyone, I am 41 wks today and have an induction booked for Friday (which I am actually going to change to Sat/Sun as they got my dates wrong hmm - stupid MW I saw today didn't read my notes properly thought I will be 41+6 on Friday)

Anyway, I am terrified of the looming induction - mainly because I am scared of foreceps/ventose/intervention/painful drip etc etc - was just about getting my head around labour itself and started to feel comfortable about going to Birthing Centre, using the pool etc and now, unless something happens in the next 5 days, all this has gone out the window...can anyone please share induction experiences? Preferably positive ones smile but is there anything I should look out for/ask for/insist on? Any tips or advice you would give someone looking back at your own experience?

I think this will help me mentally prepare for it - really appreciate it smile

Beesok Mon 24-Oct-11 23:53:54

oh and I just read the hospital note I was given about induction which says that the gel they use can cause complications for patients with asthma? My MW kindly ignored this piece of info in spite of the fact that I have asthma written all over my notes!

I am seeing my "proper" MW on Friday but thought I'd ask people who went through it smile

cory Mon 24-Oct-11 23:58:19

I was induced several weeks early and I didn't have any of the nasties. Contractions started fairly soon after the insertion of the gel, I used the TENS machine, had a bit of gas towards the end and dd was born vaginally. No forceps or ventouse anywhere in sight? Does that sound soothing?

Beesok Tue 25-Oct-11 00:10:30

Yes cory it does smile thanks smile

I know I am probably overreacting a bit - it's just a combination of things today including a bad MW appt + the fact that at 41 weeks am a bit fed up and hormonal but I want more happy induction stories please! smile

Karoleann Tue 25-Oct-11 07:14:06

I've was induced at 41 weeks with DC2 and DC3, first time they just broke my waters and the second I had the gel thing. Both labours 7 hours, tens for the first 6 then an epidural and normal delivery, no stitches.
I WASN'T induced with DC1 but ended up with a ventouse delivery and lots of stitches.
The chances are the baby will come before Friday anyway, but if it doesn't you'll be really fed up. They won't do a non-emergency induction usually at the weekend which is why you're down for the Friday.

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