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Such painful breasts, engorgement

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Allboxedin Mon 24-Oct-11 23:05:46

Hi, gave birth two days ago to my second dd. I have been trying to BF her but have also given some formula until the milk came in (although I am quite happy to continue mixed feeding)
I struggled with dd1 2 years ago to BF and although this dd latches on well and seems to have the idea it's getting really painful.

I got engorged breasts too with dd1 and remember they were very painful and now again they are all lumpy,hard and painful. I can't face putting her to the breast again tonight or while breasts are like this.

I know that this should pass but what can I do in the meantime?
Have tried to hand express a little bit from each one but it's not helped.
DD is feeding very well on formula and taking about 40ml per feed every few hours but getting frustrated when not getting enough from breast.

Allboxedin Mon 24-Oct-11 23:07:23

- before each ff I have been putting her to the breast before tonight and giving the formula when she starts getting frustrated.

QTPie Mon 24-Oct-11 23:56:52

Do you WANT to mix-feed her or do you feel you should? You don't (or shouldn't need to) add formula. Babies don't need milk for the first day or 2 - just collostrum (sp?), BUT putting them to the breast (and suckling there instead of on a bottle) encourages supply. Breastfeeding isn't about how many mls a baby gets (unless worries materialise that a baby isn't putting on weight during the first few weeks).

It is a LOT easier for a baby to get milk out if a bottle than a breast - your baby may have "nipple confusion" and is not working hard enough to get it out of the breast

Cold (kept in the fridge) cabbage leaves are great for engorgement. Also "hand/manual expressing" takes the top off and makes it easier to latch/feed (google manual expressing....).

Do you have Lansinoh? I used it proactively (ie after each feed religiously) and it really worked!

I think that mixed feeding is probably very difficult to balance (for both the baby and your body, especially initially - when baby is learning technique and your body is sorting out it's supply). Are you a member of the NCT? They probably have a breastfeeding helper/groupin your area. Also Le Leche League. Although both are very pro-breastfeeding, they should be able to advise on mixed feeding and/or possibly going to exclusive breastfeeding.


QTPie Tue 25-Oct-11 00:00:49

Sounds like "nipple confusion": since she has been (supplementally) bottle-fed from the start, she is easy frustrated by the extra effort required to get milk from the breast.

Is there a specialist BF forumon Mumsnet? If not go to the one on babyandbump. Try to get hold of Le Leche League tomorrow?

pyjamalover Tue 25-Oct-11 12:19:55

Get onto the 'breast and bottle feeding' forum, several BF advisors respond to peoples post and give great advice.
there is a website called kellymom which gives great advice.

I second cabbage leaf advice, also easier to express a bit in a warm bath/shower.

congratulations on your baby

GenericDietCola Tue 25-Oct-11 13:46:28

I had a similar problem when I had DD and the HV advised me to hand-express a little bit of milk before I started each BF. This worked really well to ease the pressure and lumpy feeling and DD seemed to realise this was what I was doing and seemed a lot more relaxed about feeding. Perhaps the flow was coming once I had hand-expressed a bit so it was easier for her to get some milk - not sure.

I agree with others about mix feeding and getting your supply established and nipple confusion. Good luck whichever you choose and congratulations on your baby!

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