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Advice on induction without epidural

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fikn Mon 24-Oct-11 23:05:15

I am due to be induced with my second baby in 6 weeks. I was induced with first and followed advice and had epidural however was not a great experience. It did not fully work and also made me very unwell. My gut tells me to try with out this time as my consultant has told me I should find induction easier second time. Am I crazy to consider with out? Any advice hugely welcome.

LynetteScavo Mon 24-Oct-11 23:08:57

I didn't find being induced any more painful...the pain did start more suddenly, though. As the whole thing was quite quick I managed without an epidural. I did ask for one, but the anesthetist wasn't obliging.

With hindsight I was glad I didn't have one.

4madboys Mon 24-Oct-11 23:09:28

i have been induced with all 5 of mine and the last birth, dd, i ended up with the drip as breaking my waters didnt work (it did for the other 4) anyway i managed with gas and air, she was back to back as well, it was painful! but it was fine, my midwife was supportive and i moved about, used the birth ball etc to get into different positions and keep mobile despite the drip.

so it can be done and yes second time should be easier, not always but my births were all quicker, bar dd's ds4 was only an hour so she would have had to be super quick to beat that! she took 3hrs but that was because she was back to back, they said she would have flown out otherwise!

cory Mon 24-Oct-11 23:59:16

I was induced without the epidural, didn't find it unbearably painful. TENS machine was a good help in the early stages and then I had a bit of gas towards the end.

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