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anyone awake?

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Allboxedin Sat 22-Oct-11 00:45:35

I don't know if this is the start. Had sweep at 10am this morning,having bad period pains every 4-5 mins at the moment but not so intense.
Second baby.


mumblejumble Sat 22-Oct-11 00:51:47

I am awake grin
sounds very exciting, but you might be better off taking some paracetomol and
getting some rest.....but I never do that.
I am contemplating waking dh for a bit of natural induction at 38 weeks...maybe not.
Good luck!

gaelicsheep Sat 22-Oct-11 00:54:18

Could be, but could be a while yet before things hot up. Mine started like that. Went to hospital, despite being comfortable, because we're 20 miles away down single track roads and there was nothing doing! But a few hours later it started again this time for real. It's a cliche but... you'll know when it's the real thing. Good luck! (And don't forget it can happen really quickly with a second. When we did leave for hospital the second time there was 20 minutes to spare.) Keep us posted (if you can!)

I'm off to bed now. You try and get some rest too. xx

AnnieOnAMapleLeaf Sat 22-Oct-11 00:54:29

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Allboxedin Sat 22-Oct-11 00:55:38

grin Havent woken dh, he is snoring away!
I tried the natural induction a couple of weeks ago ad it didn't work for us but it might for you!!

Allboxedin Sat 22-Oct-11 00:56:41

Thanks Gaelic and Annie smile

Allboxedin Sat 22-Oct-11 00:59:28

Not able to sleep through them atm, they woke me.
I hope its the start!

gaelicsheep Sat 22-Oct-11 01:00:38

Ooh it's bringing back memories. Hope you can get some sleep. When the contractions wake you and you can't lie down through them you'll know there's something afoot.

For me it was like this:
midnight - return from hospital for 1st time feeling stupid
4 - wake in pain, take pills
5 - wake DH
6 - get in bath, take pills
6.30 - ring hospital
7.30 - leave for hospital
8.00 - arrive at hospital
8.20 - start pushing
8.40 - have DC2

Don't leave it as late as I did! Good luck again (I am definitely now going to bed) x

gaelicsheep Sat 22-Oct-11 01:02:09

x-posted. Bath the next step then? Wake your DH and ask him to run you one?

Allboxedin Sat 22-Oct-11 01:03:53

Go to bed Gaelic!! You get some sleep and leave me to do the hard work grin
Might well get in bath! thankyou! smile

gaelicsheep Sat 22-Oct-11 01:04:27

Tis OK, I am most definitely going now. Take care x

AnnieOnAMapleLeaf Sat 22-Oct-11 01:04:39

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Allboxedin Sat 22-Oct-11 01:09:00

Thanks Annie. I think we are getting stronger. Ok inbetween though.
I have no idea at what point to call hospital though if this progresses for a second baby?

gaelicsheep Sat 22-Oct-11 01:15:48

Oh god, look I'm still here. It may stay OK in between until the very end. It did for me and it was so unlike my horrendous first experience that I didn't believe I was truly in labour until I was in transition.

I would call the hospital when the pain is getting really intense - whether you can talk at all is a good guide. When they reach the stage where you can only try to focus and breathe and can't give your attention to anything else, you'll be getting close I should think. They encourage you not to hang around with a second one because they are so unpredictable. My contractions were piling on top of one another by the time I got to hospital.

Not that I'm an expert at all - err on the side of caution is all I'm saying. smile


AnnieOnAMapleLeaf Sat 22-Oct-11 01:17:00

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

FrightNight Sat 22-Oct-11 01:20:28!

But we need online birth in the a.m so charge your phone and brief DH.

Jolly good luck OPxxxx

Allboxedin Sat 22-Oct-11 01:30:40

Thanksyou Frightnight.
I will report back if anything emerges smile

I wish I knew, I 'm just too proud to wake dh or call in case its not the real thing sad

CrazyAlien06 Sat 22-Oct-11 01:54:45

I'd call hospital. I called when i had a tiny trickling of fluid and was told to go in for a check ( although i did have to tell them quick labours were in my family)
I started having period type pains every 3 mins on the way there not knowing they were contractions (1st baby!) .arrived @ hospital @ midnight ,DD born @ 330am! I didn't even have an internal to see how far I was dilated-they just watched me progress ( mw led unit)

Keep us posted and good luck!!

CrazyAlien06 Sat 22-Oct-11 01:55:20

Ps I awake feeding said DD -she is 3 wks old :D

fridakahlo Sat 22-Oct-11 02:09:52

Are you still there? Good luck, hope it all goes well.

Allboxedin Sat 22-Oct-11 02:30:39

Thankyou crazy, still here pondering. Congrats on your dd crazy!
I am using the contraction timer thing online, mind if I post it to see what you think?
When they come I can't move now and trying to breathe through them. Just bearable.
The problem is that they are not consistent are they?

Start Time End Time Duration Frequency
Stopped Stopped Stopped Stopped
1:03:32 AM 1:04:20 AM 0:47 3 m, 34 s
12:59:58 AM 1:00:38 AM 0:39 2 m, 46 s
12:57:12 AM 12:58:00 AM 0:47 5 m, 16 s
12:51:56 AM 12:52:52 AM 0:54 6 m, 35 s
12:45:21 AM 12:46:22 AM 1:0 5 m, 3 s
12:40:18 AM 12:41:18 AM 0:59 5 m, 55 s
12:34:22 AM 12:35:22 AM 0:58 4 m, 21 s
12:30:02 AM 12:30:51 AM 0:48 2 m, 8 s
12:27:54 AM 12:28:32 AM 0:37 2 m, 27 s
12:25:27 AM 12:26:14 AM 0:46 4 m, 56 s
12:20:30 AM 12:21:33 AM 1:1 4 m, 36 s
12:15:54 AM 12:16:32 AM 0:36 3 m, 21 s
12:12:33 AM 12:13:13 AM 0:39 5 m, 2 s
12:07:31 AM 12:08:21 AM 0:48 ----

Allboxedin Sat 22-Oct-11 02:35:07

sorry it starts from the bottom up

TheCatInTheHairnet Sat 22-Oct-11 02:43:33

So, they're now 4 minutes +- apart? Do they hurt or are they still more like period pains. Are any making you kind of double over and go, "OUCH?!!"

If the answer is yes, I would phone the maternity unit and ask them. BUT FIRST, wake your bloody husband up!!! :D

How exciting!!! Good luck!!!

mumatron Sat 22-Oct-11 02:48:58

With dd2 mine didn't get into a regular pattern. They didn't seem to be strong enough either. I don't think they ever lasted a full minute either.

I got to hospital at 12am, was 5cm, straight into pool and Dd was born at 3.39 after 2 pushes.

Good luck op. Hope you have you baby soon.

Jenski Sat 22-Oct-11 02:49:15

I am awake. Timings are quite close. Are they getting a bit longer now? My second dd was v quick!

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