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Vaginal birth after previous surgery and with massive veins in vulva - yeah fun

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goodnightmoon Wed 19-Oct-11 13:15:37

forgive me my tale of woe and TMI.

i am nearing needing to make some sort of decision on how to give birth this time around. I meet with the consultant next week, when I'll be 32 weeks, and I'm sure the decision could be mainly hers on anything like elective c-section but I want to be well-informed.

Three years ago I had a terrible and traumatic labour, with baby eventually coming via forceps and an episiotomy, and having been considered for emergency c-section at several stages in the process. I then needed to have surgery (modified Fentons procedure) six months later to fix internal scarring that had made sex impossible.

Has anyone gone on to give birth naturally after this type of surgery?

My other issue is an absolute tangle of enormous and engorged varicose veins on one side of my vulva, which press painfully against the old episiotomy scars as it happens and cause incredible pain every time I pee much less push out a baby. Has anyone had these and was it an issue in giving birth?

thanks for any advice!

squinker45 Wed 19-Oct-11 18:27:02

I have the veins, they are most alarming. Would also like to know what happens with them when giving birth as they are quite painful when standing as the pressure is increased...sorry for no advice OP but am hoping for some myself!

goodnightmoon Thu 20-Oct-11 07:49:13

thanks. I'll report back on what my consultant says Monday. I've read it is possible for them to burst, which sounds really hideous.

ionysis Thu 20-Oct-11 08:39:02

Sounds like a no-brainer c-section to me. Piece of piss. No pain at all only some mild discomfort in between morphine shots. I was at brunch 5 days after mine and cleared to drive after 3 weeks. Worst thing I had to deal with was an ingrowing hair in my bikini line.

goodnightmoon Thu 20-Oct-11 10:38:07

ionysis - that's what I'm hoping they decide. though I'm apparently allergic to morphine so hope they've got a good substitute! I will be 42 and feel pretty darned high risk but I hope I'm not going to get caught in some effort to keep c-section numbers down and then need an emergency one anyway.

ionysis Thu 20-Oct-11 10:50:53

Do you get the itching?! I was worried about that but luckily was fine. They might give you percoset or demoral. Lots of good alternatives so I wouldn't worry about it. Just make sure you keep reminding people you are allergic to morphine!

squinker45 Thu 20-Oct-11 13:40:47

Burst? oh dear god

goodnightmoon Thu 20-Oct-11 17:55:46

A good example of the dangers of Google!

squiby2004 Thu 20-Oct-11 19:01:22

Er c section! I had a mobile epi for 4 days post op, shopping in Bluewater 7 days post op and cleared to drive 10 days post op. Best way to give birth ever smile

goodnightmoon Mon 24-Oct-11 14:15:40

thanks Squiby, that is encouraging.

well, it seems they are sort of leaving it to me to make the final decision but the consultant today said these are good reasons to refer me for a c-section. actually the first consultant said he didn't think it was a problem, but he had his senior colleague come in to give his opinion since it wasn't something he'd really encountered before.

That consultant said actually best not to disturb the veins, or the earlier scarring. Of course now I'm terrified of c-section and the risks for me and baby - not sure which terror is greater - horrible natural labour or the possible things that can go wrong with the surgery.

I am a bit comforted though to think I may not have to go through labour again, or have my lady bits ripped to pieces ....

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