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What is your Hypnobirthing practice routine - and how do you involve ur DH/DP or equivalent?

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lalababy Tue 18-Oct-11 16:40:14

I am due with my first in mid December and have decided to give hypnosis a try during labour. Haven't been to classess but am practicing at home. So far my practice routine consists of...
- 5 mins of breathing exercises each morning (trying to do some visualisations at the same time)
- Listening/repeating affirmations every other day
-Listening to a relaxation / fear release CD every other day
- Watching hypnobirths on youtube

So far have not managed to work out how to get DH involved.

Would love to hear what your routine consists of

FlipFantasia Tue 18-Oct-11 20:44:08

I'd recommend you buy Marie Mongan's book. I did do a class and we were taught relaxation exercises that involved partners eg running fingers lightly over the back while saying certain things (sorry, memory a bit hazy but planning to dig out the notes and book now that I'm 17 weeks with no 2!). I listened to the relaxation CD every night (was great for falling asleep) and practiced breathing etc every day. Practiced with DH a couple of times a week. Also had a picture of a blooming rose, that really helped with visualisation.

I'd also suggest avoiding other people's horrible birth stories - amazing how much people like to tell you about awful things happening hmm - as your birth will be how your birth will be iykwim.

Another tip we had was to do perineal massage every day - I did it after my morning shower. This guide is very clear on it.

Our teacher kept emphasising that we'd get out of it what we put in so all your practice is great. Good luck!

lalababy Wed 19-Oct-11 15:53:12

Thanks for that Flip. I have been trying to be v positive about the whole thing. Completely forgot about the perineal massage... I guess I had better start incorporating that into my routine as well!!!

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