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Early Labour and PMT

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Cheeptrickortreat Mon 17-Oct-11 15:40:05


Did anyone get PMT or really angry before they went in to labour?

What was the early signs that you were about to go into labour?

dannid Mon 17-Oct-11 21:42:11

Dont remember getting like this with DS but I have been really short tempered for the past couple of days and am really hoping it is a sign that things will be kicking off anytime soon!!! wink

mumblejumble Tue 18-Oct-11 01:44:41

I had a bloody show yesterday, and am in a foul mood, extremely short fuse.
I did have a very bad cold, which seems to have cleared up. Feel many signs I can look for, except the regular contractions. I hope it is this week.
So yes, let's take it as a sign.
Or no-one will ever talk to me again.....

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