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Weird dilating-type feelings, but no contractions - anyone else had this?

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kayjayel Mon 17-Oct-11 11:31:06

You'd think that on DC3 I'd know this, but I wondered if anyone else has had the feeling of dilating, without contractions? Its like a kind of involuntary muscle spasm, and not painful, just a bit like if makes me stop what I'm doing. It does seem to be set off by the baby moving.

I have had a lot of twinges, lots of BH, buttoday I just keep getting this odd feeling which I can only remember as being associated with labour. But it isn't coming with contractions as with previous DC? And not painful.

Has anyone else had this or am I just overly sensitive to being poked etc. by a low down baby? I'm 37+4, but both the others were 41 weeks so I'm not expecting to be early. I know really that I'll know when I'm in labour, but given I'm now in the official waiting stage I'm obsessing about whether this is 'a sign' of something being imminent!

Anyone else had this?

bebemoojem Mon 17-Oct-11 11:39:08

In my later weeks of pregnancy (from36weeks) I had lots of BH, dilating type feelings -but no pain, sharp pains -at other times and random aches. Gave birth at 39weeks in 2.5 hours in my front hall because it took me so long to get down the 2 flights of stairs when I suddenly went into full on contractions in my bedroom....

So yeah it might be something wink

or nothing grin

Good Luck! (and just to be on the safe side I'd put your hospital bag by the door and maybe leave a stack of towels and a blanket on the stairswink)

mumblejumble Tue 18-Oct-11 01:48:13

what does it feel like?

kayjayel Tue 18-Oct-11 10:10:22

Bebe- wow, 2.5 hrs! I am a bit worried over speed- last one was max 4 hrs, and painful, gas and air had no effect. So it does feel like my body is doing lots of prep work, saving all the pain of labour for a short sharp burst! which is starting to be a bit scary. My mum's theory is shorter labours are more painful, but I had a sweep with my shorter labour and I'm sure that aggravated things. I'm intending to stay home, but the just in case bags are ready by the door! 39 weeks would work for me though, much better thane dd who was 40+8. Hence the sweep

Mumblejumble- they feel like a bearing down pressure, but hard to describe- it really just reminds me of labour at the end stages but without the pain. I had heard people can be a few cm dilated for weeks before birth, so I'm wonderingif its that.

Anyway, it can't come for another week via I'm not ready, so I'm going to try ignoring pains and be patient, despite this not being my forte!

bebemoojem Tue 18-Oct-11 16:02:26

2.5 hours...little less as I woke at 2.30 and had it at 4.50 highly surreal and actually less traumatic for me than the first one if I'm honest. My body completely took over. It was painful, but not more than dd1 who I back labored with. I only made it to the downstairs hall (and off the carpet) by sheer stubbornness because I swore to myself that the baby could not really be coming already and I was being silly (despite feeling the baby near crowning on the last few pushes as I crawled down the stairs)
Tho when I thought about it later I should have stayed on the carpet -then I'd have a real reason to have it replaced. wink Anything in your house need replacing? grin

bebemoojem Tue 18-Oct-11 16:05:01

Only went into full on bearing down/contraction mode at 3.15 after my water broke with a near audible 'pop'

it was a very strange experience for me to say the least smile

Dillydollydaydream Tue 18-Oct-11 16:08:20

My contractions with dc3 weren't painful at all. Just felt like BHs. It wasn't until I felt pressure I knew the baby was on the way. Called an ambulance and they arrived just as the head was being born! Very quick was in shock afterwards.
If in doubt ring your midwife.

mumblejumble Tue 18-Oct-11 19:16:02

I think I had this after my waters went with dd.
She was trying to turn (was posterior) and the pains literally made me squat on the floor.
Is that what it is maybe?
Hope it is soon for you and not too uncomfortable

kayjayel Wed 19-Oct-11 21:18:10

Thanks for the replies - I am spending lots of time near the hall carpet which definitely has seen better days! DP hasn't thought to get plastic sheets to cover that wink! Everything is currently 'a sign' though - needing to poo about 3 times a day is my current least favourite. Having babies is so unpleasant, and biological!

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