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Yikes, a TMI thread - hemorrhoids help please!

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MummyMellie Fri 14-Oct-11 22:39:35

Am just 38 weeks with DC3 and to my horror (and embarassment blush) have developed a hemorrhoid!
Is this going to get worse, and more to the point, is it going to get much worse during the birth?
Am eating plenty of fibre etc so that hasn't caused it, this is however a big baby so perhaps the extra weight is the culprit?
Any advice on how to get rid of it in the next two weeks, or reassurance that I'm not going to turn inside-out during labour very gratefully received!!

GroovyRach Sat 15-Oct-11 00:50:50

I developed awful piles after the birth of DD, think it was due to the pressure of pushing. The physio in hospital after told me about a cream called 'anusol' which cleared them up in a few days! I got mine from boots and was very helpfully beside all the baby creams! Hope this helps smile

TooImmature2BDumbledore Sat 15-Oct-11 13:50:21

I had one post-birth (at least, I hadn't noticed it beforehand) and made the doctor look at it at my 6 week check. She said it was actually an ex-pile - just a skin tag left over. So they don't vanish without trace. I wish I had known this before making the doctor look at my bum, which is why I am telling you!

Allboxedin Sat 15-Oct-11 18:00:43

Oh gosh just one!! You are so lucky! grin I had them even before I had my dc1 and they got horrid with my last pregnancy and this one. You just reminded me actually I need some more cream, Anusol is good or the chemists will definately have something, although you can usually find it on the shelves. Don't worry about it, it will probably heal up after the birth and don't sit on any cold walls!! grin A warm bath also helps!

Zimbah Sat 15-Oct-11 21:01:27

I had piles at the end of pregnancy with DD1 and they came up again with DD2. Got quite bad at the end, possibly because she was deeply engaged for several weeks. I will warn you, they were worsened considerably by giving birth and for a couple of weeks after were huge and about as painful as my 3rd degree tear. I thought I was in serious trouble. Thankfully though they then receded - still there but not causing me any problems (although it doesn't look pretty blush).

NeedsSleepNow Sat 15-Oct-11 23:24:21

I had piles while pregnant with DD1 but after having her they disappeared straight away much to my delight [big grin] and had them much less while pregnant with DD2 and again nothing afterwards... fingers crossed it'll be the same for you

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