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High BP in 1st Pregnancy - Will I be able to go for a homebirth next time?

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M2T Tue 28-Oct-03 10:49:03

Hi all...

No I'm not pregnant yet.... but I wanted to ask this.

At 37 weeks my BP shot right up and I was taken into hospital. I was kept in, sent home, taken back in.... etc etc..... until ds was born at 39 weeks.

I didn't have pre-eclampsia although my BP remained very high until he was delivered.
Does this mean that I won't be able to have a homebirth as I'm high risk??? Someone told me this and I was very disappointed, I would like to consider it next time.

coppertop Tue 28-Oct-03 11:02:04

With ds1 my BP was a big problem and I needed several BP Profiles. I too worried if this would happen again. At my 1st antenatal appt with ds2 I was still given the option of a homebirth. My BP with ds2 turned out to be fine so there is hope.

M2T Tue 28-Oct-03 11:02:54

Aw thanks Coppertop! Thats what I hoped.

pupuce Tue 28-Oct-03 19:08:27

There is no reason why you could not plan a home birth - as long as your pregnancy remains low risk. You will need to remain open minded to go to hospital should your BP shoot up again. That's all

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