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Anyone had an induction or C section because of nuchal cord?

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hadak Thu 13-Oct-11 19:25:58

Saw my consultant to make a plan for birth of baby I am currently 35 weeks. Babies cord is wrapped times 3 around neck.
Dr thought it maybe be best that I don't go into labour naturally and go into hospital for induction at 37 weeks and then monitor with possibility of section if baby doesn't appear to be coping with labour or any other complications.
I know that this is the safest and all that matters is baby is ok but I hate hospitals and the thought of induction (I was induced last time with the drip due to waters breaking and no contractions)
Has anybody else had experience of this and if so what was the outcome? Also would I be bettter just asking for C section instead of goiing through the whole induction process?
I have another few days before I am scanned again to check if baby has somehow unravelled itself. Is there any positions/ exercises I could do to encourage this??
Hope somebody can give me some reassurance as I feel I am panic striken at the thought of induction and a longer stay in hospital due to c section!

hadak Fri 14-Oct-11 22:17:00


breatheslowly Fri 14-Oct-11 22:31:18

I'm surprised that they picked this up - only because I thought that you generally get a scan at 20 weeks and that is it for most women, they certainly don't scan everyone for this later. I would assume that they would scan for it if it was likely to be an issue.

My DD had the cord round her neck twice. I was induced (not because of it, just due to being very overdue) and had a forceps delivery (probably not due to the cord around her neck either). The obstetrician just unhooked the cord as she was being delivered. It didn't seem to be an issue for her. I had a scan at 36 weeks to check the position of the placenta and the cord being round her neck was either not picked up or not commented on then. But they did take a load of other measurements as well as checking the site of the placenta, so it wasn't as if they weren't looking at everything that they could.

Try getting a second opinion.

BadDayAtTheOrifice Fri 14-Oct-11 22:49:24

Lots of babies are born with the cord round the neck. For most it causes absoloutely no problems what so ever. Occasionally, the cord can get compressed during labour as the baby decends into the pelvis and on very rare occasions can actually impede descent into the pelvis although this often more depends on the length of the cord, rather than how many times its wrapped around its neck.

A cord can measure anything from 30cm to over a metre, so the only way you know if its going to cause a problem in labour is to go through labour. If there are signs of distress or the baby doesn't descend then you have a section (as you would if this were happening for different reasons).

I see no benefit in induction at all, it would not alter or change the situation. Part of induction is to break your waters and research shows this is more likely to increase fetal heart rate abnormalties because it increases the chances of cord compression so I would try and avoid that if at all possible.
I would go back and get a second opinion.

ZombiesAteYourCervix Fri 14-Oct-11 22:59:56

What BadDay said.


BadDayAtTheOrifice - your name is inspired! We should set up in business together.

BadDayAtTheOrifice Mon 17-Oct-11 00:11:28

AtYourCervix- Why, thank you. Maybe we should!

HappyAsIAm Mon 17-Oct-11 13:25:49

My DS was born with the cord wrapped round his neck and each of his legs in a figure 8.

I was in labour for 3 days, and reached 7-8 cm on TENS and G&A and despite progress being really slow, I felt that I was doing well, and I loved the birthing pool and G&A.

Then, out of nowhere, my contractions just went away, and I was monitored. DS' heartrate plummeted, and I was raced into theatre for an EMCS. It came out of nowhere, and he was delivered quickly. The obstetrician said that there was no way I could have delivered him naturally because the cord was so wrapped around him. So I had laboured for nothing. Ended up absolutely exhausted.

I am glad that this has been picked up for you. It wasn't for me, despite having a scan at 38 weks as until then, DS was breech. Can you talk through your options more with your consultant and/or midwife?

sloathy Mon 17-Oct-11 20:52:02


My DS is nearly 6 months old and I ended up with an EMCS after many hours in labour. DS's heart rate was decelerating and I simply didn't dilate beyond 4cm. When they took him out the surgeon said that the cord was wrapped very tightly round his neck twice. He was also back to back and "chin up" but I was never very clear on whether those things and the cord were connected issues. As far as I understand it, it was the tightness of the cord that was preventing him getting in the right position to dilate my cervix. That was how it was explained to me anyway. And like HappyasIam I was told that he would never have come out the "normal" way.

It was scary at the time, but the actual c-section was the most calm part because at least then I knew that they were going to get him out after hours of faffing about and worry and pressing panic buttons.

Also glad for you that this has been picked up so at least you can discuss your options. Next time I'm going for an elective c-section!

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