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how to get the absolute maximum out of a tens machine for labour!

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emonslemons Tue 11-Oct-11 10:21:45

Ok so i have bought the tens off i just need advice even personal experiences of how to get the absolute max from the tens.....i remember reading one lady said that you have to use it before labour for back ache or BH etc to help build up the endorphins quickly on demand......? so when labour starts the body knows what to do and pumps out the endorphins faster?......anyone have advice/ experience......this is my second pregnancy my first labour was completely natural, just breathing, keeping mobile......i dont know why im kinda panicked this time......? i guess it was the postnatal depression.....i just want to be sure ive covered all eventualities.

tiokiko Tue 11-Oct-11 13:02:50

Don't think you need to use before labour (in fact I think it specifically says not to) - just put it on at the first sign of contractions and keep it on all the time, apart from when you're in the bath/shower/birth pool.

Make sure you have tested it in advance and know how it works, where to position it properly.

Have some spare electrodes or tape to keep them on if you use for a long time. I had mine on for 3 days before going to hosp when in labour with DD so used all the spare electrodes and needed it to be taped on more securely when I got into hospital.

I loved mine, didn't think it was doing anything until the MW knocked it off by mistake. It got me to 8cm before I used G&A so I will definitely be using again this time round.

muslimah28 Tue 11-Oct-11 21:51:10

I don't think you HAVE to use it beforehand but also you don't haveto avoid it. But you should use it at first labour signs. I too had mine on for ages, four days plus I user it postnatally.

Take some spare batteries in case they run out!

yellowutka Tue 11-Oct-11 22:00:50

I used it daily for a week before, on the advice of a physio. Don't know if this meant it worked better, but meant I knew what it was like and it did work, had it on for two days as had inco-ordinate contractions with back-to-back baby. before labur practised with it turned down quite low, didn't like it higher, but once labour started had it on full! If it seems to get weaker, your batteries may be running out, make sure you have spares.

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